I have created a habit of hardly re-acting to some utterances or happenings that are frightening even when they are openly humiliating or brazenly fraudulent, especially when one cannot expect any immediate cleansing action to be taken to right the situation by either punishing the doers or making them as examples for others to learn from or dare not to try such brazen crimes that are stinkingly inexplicable crimes.
That habit is to look for a bit of kola nut to chew rather than to make contributions to such open discussions.
But I have been compelled by a write up in the Nigerian Observer of Thursday, March 5, 2015, page 25 titled “Magazine’s Bid to Blackmail Auchi Poly Rector” by one Aleakwe Ogbode, who was published as the Director of Publicity of an Edo North based NGO.
In the said lifeless defence of the wailing reputation of the Rector, the writer left issues out lined in the alleged scandal published by the “Current” magazine and started talking about Journalism (a calling in which even himself hasn’t established his own level) and called the writer of the well investigated scandal, backed up with pictorial evidence and locations of the alleged properties owned by the Rector in and around Auchi.
Also the scandal exposed the “take home” gains of the Rector’s stooges in the establishment, with astonishing and detailed statistics with financial columns.
There are yet undenied accusations even against federal security agencies who ought to have armed themselves with these alleged exposures to really invite the Rector to offer evidence to clear herself and this stance has painly further established the general talk in the entire Afenmai land that the smart lady has blocked all aspects for investigations into these allegations.
I wonder if Mr. Director of Publicity didn’t hear soldiers were drafted from an Army location within Auchi metropolis to physically intimidate the harmless newspaper vendor to bring the editions of the “current” magazine that published the scandal or the fruitless attempt made by the agents of the Rector to buy off the copies, which the harmless vendor told them he hadn’t.
Newspaper editors have the compelling expectation to produce their products for the consumption of readers.
Somewhere, Mr. Director of Publicity claimed that the Publisher of the current magazine that unveiled the scandal read Arabic studies. May I ask what has that got to do with the yet undenied monetary alleged fraud at the Institution?
I need not bother to state here other frightening alleged financial scandals that were left uninvestigated by the agencies who are aware.
Can’t we just stop this irritating cover ups and await when the day will come to really establish if these happenings are true or just mere allegations against the Rector? What is really spectacular about this individual at the Institution that the “Current” magazine wants to stain her image?
I will keep on chewing my bite of the kola nut instead of joining the Director of Publicity over allegations he knows nothing about rather than jumping out to defend what the generality of the Polytechnic community are aware of and they have nowhere to cry to as the big woman is alleged to have created a fence around herself which the nation’s security agencies are very evidently aware of.
Auchi Polytechnic from these astonishing allegations has been turned into an elephant wherein is being butchered by public officers, employed to maintain and shape into an enviable level of pride and excellence.
This fraudulent scenario unfolding, will certainly be rectified when the general wind for CHANGE at all levels of public life of the nation is oiled into fruition for the good of the citizenry.
Pushing defensive materials for publication such as that of Mr. Aleakwe Ogbode on behalf of madam Rector is nothing short of avoiding disdainful and open fraud: there are more questions to be answered regarding the piteous scenario playing out at the Auchi Polytechnic one just question that needs to be answered out of the leading ones — why was a qualified Accountant moved from the main schedule of duty to the Health Centre of the Polytechnic? To handle revenue of the Health Centre? No. The movement was shamelessly done in order to get the fellow out of the scene of the alleged deals, suspecting the Accountant, with conscience, would cry out to leak the fraud.
Time will tell and when the CHANGE, over due in every facet of the present federal click of looters comes, wahala will certainly be unfolded.
Who owns the numerous estates located within Auchi Metropolis, also outside the country pictorially established in the investigative cover story allegedly assembled at the feet of madam Rector? Were they built with bank loans? Who owns the millions of naira in a fixed deposit at a bank in Auchi, evidently stated in the cover story?
This alleged stinking situation at the Auchi Polytechnic is an imperative tip for the various federal government investigative agencies to arm themselves with and start work, or they would all be assumed to be turning their faces away from these irritating alleged mess, thus covering them up. Perhaps an instruction from the above not to dare investigate.

Abudah, a journalist and documentalist, wrote in from Auchi. Edo State.