I woke up to another scathing news about Ayodele Fayose. This time, he had threatened secession if Buhari wins. The story isn’t as raging on social media like the gullible pictures released which was a mockery of himself as Governor of Ekiti State. Either ways, within the shortest period of 16minutes on Nairaland, it has garnered over 200 comments and reactions from Nigerians. I didn’t take offence at the swipe taken on his person. I didn’t want to tally round the intolerable perception of Fayose, but the moment I saw this “Is this how foolish the Ekiti people are to have voted Ayodele Fayose, I got chagrined and insulted.
Did the Ekiti people actually vote Fayose? Was he elected in free and fair contest? Logically, that isn’t an issue for the court alone.  With the stormy information made available to Nigerians via the various institutional leaks, obviously, the last hasn’t been heard about Ekiti Election. Apparently there is need to set the record straight. Who is Ayodele Fayose?
Not many know that the man, Peter Ayodele Fayose, is a dead man alive. Just few populist know his human analytical method. He is a mentally deranged man. The few that do are cowards who are extremely fearful of the hemorrhagic bite of his street urchins, if they dare say. In honesty, I don’t enjoy swipe at those in vantage positions. I strongly believe they are authorities in their ruptured beliefs. However when a leader who is supposedly expected to be a democrat of conscience, democrat of character, democrat of discipline, democrat of leadership through respect for constitutional authority, respect for laws that made it out rightly luxurious for everyone to be Governor or President at a time is found flouting the norms, values and ethos of democracy, the consequences are catastrophic. The effect of this would carve a wrong niche on upcoming leaders; it will cause a generational stir on the concept of leadership and service. So, I won’t retire my effrontery in addressing Fayose’s ills.
Governor Fayose is a misfit; he is a more efficiently resourceful  Kingpin and drug baron but certainly not as political leader with such an exalted cum crept position. He needs to be silenced or called to order in time, if not, it would lay a bad precedence of purpose on the people. Peter Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti, is a bad example to anyone he is associated with. His person is mysteriously fundamental. There is not always a need to mock those who take him serious if political analysts can take a pleasure out to educate the people on how he has suddenly become a tragedy of time. Obviously, no one would want to attribute a reading-single line for Fayose. He is such an uncouth mess. His irate jab on people is though comic and desecrating of his position. Those that horribly/terribly believe anything sensible can come out of his pudding head other than the gaseous waste of steroids overloads are mistaken and probably sitting on keg of gun powder.
The psycho analysis of this man fayose, as a political leader to his cronies wouldn’t stem his corrigible records but may in a long run recycled an ordinate dispatch to the people of his likes who strongly believe in throwing comfortable taunt at people without a clear purpose or basis.
For Fayose, he has been enjoying the euphoria of his office and forgotten soon that he is no longer, Peter Ayodele Fayose an addict of steroids and any damning substance that could elevate his reasoning might beyond normal and makes him do things extra-ordinarily. He is now, an elected leader. By the word leader, it comes with a ransom; service to the people.
A friend in Ekiti describes him as a “commercial caretaker”. Well, whatever that may mean, I know he is the Governor of Ekiti and he needs to enjoy the glitz of it.
Fayose, Mr Governor, you are misbehaving is no longer a limit to his vituperation. His gaffe and spurious attack is delinquently associated with one with mental disorder. This is best measured by the volume of the utter insults his alcohol stinking mouth spews weekly on just a man, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.
Insignificantly, Buhari isn’t the first man to have suffered consistent insult from this man PAF. Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu amongst others have had their dose over-measured in the name of politics. Based on what I termed “Personal Political Interest. That brings to the fore the character of those we elect as leaders in this country.
Fayose was once a Governor, impeached by his own house for crime against public service act lining up to ten. He escaped the wrath of the people or better-put shielded from the law, packaged and polished to fulfill the interest of his cohorts in PDP. When coming, he came in white chameleonic clothes that deceived the people of Ekiti state as a changed agent.
The intelligence surrounding his “I am a changed man” story was never a habit. It lasted for just a week in print. His people at the Deeper Life ground took a borrowed shade to wink the lies to shave. What a shameful character of a man.
Consequent upon the emergence of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari; when all signs and gears have been shifted to his candidature, PAF, the chief thug to the President resumed his duty actively with immunity. At the coordination of concocted lies, blackmail, propaganda he registered his name yet again as the most unpolished person that has occupied the position of Governor. He’s always in the news for the wrong reason. It takes the fusion of the Ekiti people to counter his death wish position on the incoming President. The statement co-signed by ekitipanupo elders in the state buried what could have been ethnic war between Yorubas and Hausas. As if that wasn’t enough, trending events in Ekiti retiled the trouble all opposition leaders in the state had suffered. From assault to death threats. Fayose sat conveniently on laws but is ready to deal vigorously with any common man that flouted the laws. He has forgotten that “he who make his law a just, by his own law shall he surely die” apology to lupine.  You won’t imagine he is that evil and creepy to fault at first glance. His life though picked from street remains on the street with garment of honour stained and tainted by shame.
Fayose in his usual comfort zone put a piece to justify his ace gaffe quoted saying “Buhari’s visit to UK is in conformity with his lies. He went as far as saying he is visiting a London Hospital that has no name. What hypocrisy!
How best do we define someone that fakes his own death? Ran to Nigeria with another name to pick a career in advance trance using politics as platform? Mad! I wouldn’t agree less. Fayose is also a man that won’t take breakfast unless he takes a finger-tip of mixed steroids to boost his human deficiency to erratic efficiency.
His words fall to mere rocky land and bear no fruits. It takes a character like him to consider him relevant or serious in his stupidity.

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