RELATIONSHIPS can break on minor issues and simple misunderstandings, because it’s very delicate. Once broken, it is a die-hard task to mend the relationship and get back the same intensity of affection in the relationship. There can be visible reasons, maybe a misunderstanding or communication gap, at times it can be mistake of someone else, fragile relationships can break over any simple cause. The cause for the easy breaks in relationships is that relationships are mind products, subjective to each person.
Many relationships are not the union of best possible matches but best available, pairs, or when people misconceive the partner so. Relationships start blindly by peripheral understanding and attraction it proceeds through adjustments, forgiveness and understanding, and breakup over misunderstandings, mistakes or lack of tolerance getting back into the relationship, though difficult, is possible if one approaches the issue with the right understand to change and mend.
Understand the reasons behind breakup
To resolve any issue, understanding the reasons is important. Without knowing the root cause, relationship issues cannot be repaired. It can be a past reason which is now absent or a still persisting reason. Analyze each stage of the relationship and find out at which point what has gone wrong. Once the break up are realised, the solution may be easy. Figuring out the element that lead to the break up helps the partners to change it and get back into the relationship. Experts say that the process of figuring out the reasons of breakup can be much effective of made mutual.
Forgiving is magical
Once the issues are dugged out, the next step is to forgive the mistakes of both partners. If you still hold on to the mistake committed by your partner, then it may cause another breakup in the future. Understand why your partner committed such a mistake and forgive him/her forever if you wish to take the relationship a long way further. Your forgiveness may initiate a new life and new relationship between you two. If the mistake is found to have been committed by you, then be ready to change entirely not to repeat the action and let your partner to go away forever, leaving no chance of a reunion.
Renew the commitment
Once you are back on track, renew the commitment and let your partner know the new resolutions and decisions. Once you commit to be good to your partner and also to avoid mistakes, then adhere to the commitments. Many partners get into commitments and they forget  them easily. Consistency of commitments is very much required to keep the warmth of relationships ever remaining. It is rightly said that you can never change the past; but possible the future. Realize the fast mistakes and commit not to repeat them in the future.
Change yourself
You may not be able to change your partner as you desire, but you can very well change yourself changing yourself is the better way of resolving the issues and renewing the problems. The changes may make you appear more appealing and accepted by your partner. You can also try to implement certain changes in your partner but if your partner is willing then the only way is to change yourself to comply with your partner. Changing oneself doesn’t mean being submissive to your partner, but following a better way to be in a more satisfying relationship.
Communication is the key stone
Most of the issues in relationships can be resolved with right communication with your partner. It is commonly observed that slight misunderstanding or ignorable mistakes are many a times the cause of several breakups. Approach the issues in a relationship  positively and try to make each partners understand the real situation communication means conveying the facts and truth and also offering support, help and forgiveness. Talk with a mind of acceptance. Do not try to defend or resist the arguments of the partner and accuse each other for all the mistakes. Let the communication be creative rather critical.

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