Lagos Nigeria Weightlifting Federation (NWF) on Sunday said attending anti-doping seminar have been made a compulsory part of the regular training schedule organised by technical officials for athletes in the country.
Steve Olarinoye, an NWF board member, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the idea was to continuously remind weightlifters not to get involved in banned substances.
“The weightlifting board is doing the much it can to mentor and educate athletes generally to be good ambassadors of the nation, especially when participating in international tournaments.
“We are very particular about the issue of athletes adhering to directives of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and avoiding taking any form of banned drugs or substances to enhance performance.
“Coaches who are training athletes at various levels also talk to them after training sessions on the same issue, because we believe that it’s a continuous exercise,’’ the NWF board member, who is also the Ibadan Zonal Co-ordinator of the National Sports Commission (NSC), said.
Olarinoye added that close monitoring would be given to weightlifters invited to the national camp in relation to the type of food or medications to be taken at a particular time.
“The coaches may not be in full control of the food or drugs they take when they are coming from their homes or to the open camp trainings because of the situation.
“Once there is a national assignment for our athletes, we begin early camping so that coaches and anti-doping agents will have the full control of and monitor their intakes,’’ he said.
Olarinloye added that medical experts from abroad would be invited periodically to augment the efforts on ground and probably conduct anti-doping tests for the athletes to authenticate their status.
He urged weightlifters to portray good image of themselves, family and country at large in their sporting career.