EDO – A Traditional Ruler in Edo South, the Enogie of Oghobase has pledged support for Governor Adams Oshiomhole and ensure victory for his party in the coming elections based on the numerous developmental strides in the state.
His Royal Highness, Idu Akenzua stated this yesterday when Edo State Governor paid him a visit in his palace.
He said, “We are following your works religiously. We can say without fear of contradiction that you have not only demystified governance, you have brought human face to bear on governance. Governance used to be inaccessible, but since you came on board, in terms of governance, in terms of infrastructural developments, building of schools, healthcare centers, hospital, the blind can now see, the deaf can now hear and the lame can now walk.
“I am assuring you of my support and the support of my kingdom. We are solidly behind you. You should not relent with what you are doing. We will ensure that we put in the best we can, we will also ensure that you get victory at the end of the day.
Responding, Governor Oshiomhole thanked the Royal Highness for the kind words he expressed about his administration and commended him for the peace in his Dukedom.
Oshiomhole said, “I am appreciative of your support for the government and your prayers. I am happy that you already have acknowledged some of the things we have done in some parts of the state and you have drawn my attention to the peculiar issues in your domain. Issue of schools is very important because people in rural areas will not be able to produce engineers and doctors and achieve upward mobility for their children if there are no schools.
“That is why Edo State Government devotes a lot of resources to building schools so that the child can have access to quality primary and secondary schools. In order for the parents not to have any excuse for not sending their children to school we have also abolished school fees and all form of charges. Our schools are completely free and in area where school children are able to board the comrade bus, they do so free of charge, whether they are going to or returning from school once they wear their school uniform.”
Addressing a group of party faithful later, Oshiomhole said that the APC is committed and connected to the wellbeing of the people.
He said, “The problem we have today is that the country is grounded. No matter what the State Government does, if the Federal Government does not do its part, the full benefits cannot be felt. After 16 years of PDP rule and all the money they spent on power have all gone into individual pockets and Nigeria is in the dark. There is no way we can create prosperity without electricity.
“There is no way we can bring private industries here without electricity. Nigeria cannot compete with the rest of the world without electricity and today we are importing everything because the environment for production has been destroyed and that is why when APC talk of change, we are saying practically change from a government that is spending money without result to the one that will spend little resources and get results.”
He urged the people not to be distracted by politicians who drag religion into politics as all the problems confronting Nigeria is not restricted to a particular religious group.
He said, “When they bring fixed charges for light not provided, it is not meant for either Christians or Muslims. When a country is good, nobody cares whether you are a Muslim or a Christian. What matters is who has the courage to work? No one should be deceived; Nigerians in Edo are brothers and sisters. Some people are now dropping money for some bad pastors to be preaching about religion and politics. This matter has no business with religion. If Nigeria is good, it is not a question of religion.
“When a government knows he has no support, he tries to drag religion into politics. A Nigerian is a Nigerian whether you are Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa because hunger has no tribe. In Nigeria today we have only two tribes; the tribe of the extremely poor who work very hard but have nothing to show for it and the tribe of the extremely rich who do little or nothing but are ostentatiously rich. We must unite to change Nigeria”, he said.

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