The Oracle has spoken. After many months of politicking, campaigns and preparations, the direction the nation is moving is now clear to all. Nigerians have spoken loud and clear and every Nigerian voter can congratulate ourselves for an election widely adjudged to be orderly, peaceful, free and fair except in Rivers and Akwa-Ibom.
In Edo State, it was observed in most cases that a particular political party was busy sharing money up to N5,000 to each voter to cast their votes for them. They shamelessly did that in almost all polling centres in Edo South and Edo Central. Only the gullible ones fell for them and the same politicians without shame are jubilating that they won. But this is open to contestation in court because these kind of characters cannot represent Edo people anywhere.
But Nigerians are yearning for the change they want to see at the Federal, State and Local Government levels. Nigerians are keen to see an end of PDP in their lives because the PDP brought sorrow, pain, tears and blood to their lives. Nigerians are sick and tired of PDP and this is not the time for Edo people to begin to patronise an expired drug called People Deceive People. This is the time for Edo people to say no to their antics.
The train of Change is moving and Edo State cannot afford to jump out midway when they helped in bringing about the needed change. Edo State must be properly positioned to take its rightful place in the affairs of the Nigerian state. This is why most Edo people now believe that we cannot just afford to be in opposition. We cannot kick out an inept, corrupt and clueless government only to leave its dregs in Edo State.
As the PDP were going round to canvass support before the March 28 elections, they told Edo people that they were going to take over Osadebey Avenue. Our understanding is that they are plotting to use the Edo House of Assembly to achieve their selfish goal because everybody knows that there is no vacancy in Osadebey Avenue and if the PDP said they were going to take over Osadebey Avenue through this election, then it means that they plan to use the Edo House of Assembly to cause commotion in Edo State. But Edo people must not allow a few self-centred PDP members who have an ulterior motive  to achieve their diabolic plans.
It would be recalled that during the PDP primaries in the State, Uyi Ogbemudia, daughter of former two-time governor of the defunct Mid-West State, General Sam Ogbemudia (retd), was declared winner of the Oredo West primary, while Mr. Lion Okoro was named as the winner in Oredo East. But the aspirants, in a statement, alleged that the process was characterised by “unwholesome interference and coercion of delegates, financial inducement, substitution of delegates, violence against aspirants, blackmail and treat of removal of perceived rigid ward chairman.”
They said “ the process was non-democratic, as we were not allowed to participate in a free and fair election.” They opined that the  selection process was forced on them. The aggrieved aspirants, Clifford Igbinobia, Jefferson Uwoghiren, Princess Patricia Oghogho, Festus Okpiaebe, Osahon Imaru, Chief Sunny Erengbo and Prince Edobor Oghosa, attributed their alleged denial to participate in a free and fair primary to the interference of a chieftain of the party, whom they accused of sowing “disaffection within the party.”
This party can therefore not be entrusted with any seat in the Edo House of Assembly. The point being made here is that as we approach the April 11 House of Assembly elections, Edo people should massively support the All Progressives Congress  (APC) candidates with their votes so that we do not make the mistake of allowing the never-do-well fellows any vent seat in the Edo State House of Assembly. Our performing Governor has worked so hard to develop our state and is not relenting to do more. He also contributed immensely to bringing the desired change to our fatherland He and whoever would succeed him after his tenure next year   deserves an Assembly that would  not be problematic. Edo State deserves an Edo State House of Assembly that is APC dominated.
There is a big  danger in allowing the opposition PDP to constitute any nuisance at the Edo State House of Assembly. The danger is that they may  constitute a clog in the wheel of progress as was witnessed in the past and all Edo people will suffer it. They may constitute problems that could undermine the smooth development of the state which the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s government has been painstakingly implementing this past six years.
This is the time to express gratitude to the Comrade Governor and his party for their developmental efforts in the state. We must not forget where we were drenched by the rain and where we were sun-dried. We must not forget the riunation the PDP foisted on Edo State from 1999 to 2008. When the whole country has spoken loudly for change is not a time Edo will be singing a different swang-song. We must key into the change that has berthed in our land.
So, this is a clarion call to all well-meaning voters in the state to turn out in large numbers on the 11th of April and vote massively for the APC so that the benefits of change coming from the Federal Government can spread to all nooks and crannies of Edo State.
The issue here is not about Adams Oshiomhole, but about Edo State and Edo people and our collective development. If we want to open our state to crisis, the time to prevent it is April 11, if we want positive change and development the time to effect it is April 11 and the right way to achieve any of these is to vote in all APC candidates. Let us not make the mistake of voting in crisis into our state Assembly. Let us vote in peace and harmony for the overall good of our people, including those who are not eligible to vote and generations yet unborn.
·    Mr. Dan Owegie is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Edo State.

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