Abuja – Civil servants in the FCT on Thursday tasked the incoming government to improve the structure of the service for a better Nigeria.
Newsmen who spoke with a cross section of the civil servants in Abuja reports tha they want the government to build a stronger service structure, and to improve the workersí salaries and welfare.
Mr Joseph Egwu said it was imperative that the incoming government fulfilled its campaign promises, part of which was the strengthening of the civil service structure and improved welfare for the workers.
“The incoming government needs to pay attention to the processes and procedures in order to strengthen the public service structure.
“We the civil servants are the heart beat of the government and because of that, we should not be left behind.
“We are expecting a lot from the incoming government because the country needs change and the change, which should  be huge and positive, should start from the civil service.
“We are tired of managing our salary. Salaries will be paid today and in the next two, three days, our accounts are empty. We have suffered so much,íí he said.
On his part, Mr David Eniola said the incoming government should address issues of remuneration, unemployment, power supply, taxation and security.
Eniola said if the issues were effectively tackled, the nation would move forward and that would bring about a huge development in the country.
Another civil servant, Mr Godswill Mark, said that the incoming government had raised the opes h of the people, saying that Nigerians looked up to the fulfillment of those promises.
“We are expecting a lot of good things and better change from the incoming government. There is too much corruption in the various ministries, department and agencies.
“Some people are really working while some are enjoying our money; it is not fair and I expect the government to look into  the issue of corruption.
“Some civil servants are working tirelessly while some will come to work and sign the attendance sheet and go out for their businesess M” ark said.
“The amazing thing is that those that work hard will receive stipends and those who come to office twice in a week will receive huge wages. These issues must be addressed promptly,íí he said.