GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says the peace which has prevailed in Nigeria post-election is enough reason for Nigerians to give thanks to God this Easter season.He said there were apprehensions of violence during and after the elections, “but God has decreed peace “and there is peace everywhere.”
In his Easter broadcast to Edo people, the Governor said “this period of Easter offers us another opportunity to reflect on our lives and our commitment to God; a period to remind us of God’s love for us. This period, we are enjoined to show love to our neighbours, our family members and indeed to our great country.
“I ask all of us in this season, individually in our quiet moments to reflect on our lives and give thanks to the creator for the wonderful things He has done in our lives and in our great country.
“Even those who think they don’t have all they desire are encouraged not to give up, because with God, all things are possible. Let’s have faith in God, let’s demonstrate love, let’s internalize the values of sacrifice and above all we must continue to worship the Almighty God, let’s have faith, with God on our side, all things are possible.
“Already, there is so much we should thank God for this Easter season, just a few weeks back, many of us were apprehensive that the country would break into violence, there were a lot of people who planned mayhem, there were all kinds of speculations of what will happen during and after the Presidential election, as you all can see, God decreed peace and there is peace everywhere.
“Indeed, this Easter season offers us yet another opportunity for us to demonstrate love to our neighbours, irrespective of our religious beliefs. Indeed, we have enjoyed unprecedented peace across religious divide, in virtually every home in this state, Christians and Muslims, and even traditionalists live in peace and harmony. I ask us to continue to show this love, because if God wanted us all to be Christians, it wouldn’t have been beyond Him to so decree, if He wanted us all to be Muslims, it is within His powers so to do. It is His choice that He gave us the choice on how we choose to worship Him.
“I want us to maintain this cordiality, this relationship, this effective collaboration between men and women of different faiths, working together, living together in peace and helping to advance the course of unity of our state and indeed our Nation. We must build on this in the years ahead.
“On my part, I am humbled by the support and love that Edo people have shown to me whether they are Christians, Moslems or even Traditionalists. I will never take your support for granted and I ask us in this season of Easter to renew our faith in our country and rededicate ourselves to the service of our creator so that we can continue to grow higher. May God take control of our great state, and may He continue to preside over the affairs of Nigeria as we continue to live in peace and harmony.  I enjoin you to continue to pray for our leaders including President Goodluck Jonathan and incoming President Muhammadu Buhari. Thank you and Happy Easter”.

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