Abuja – Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limited (ABUCCI) on Saturday said it was impressed by the positive response of the nation’s economy to the 2015 presidential election.
The Vice-President, Media, ABUCCI, Chief Jude Igwe, said in a statement that the organisation was particularly impressed by positive developments in the capital market and naira’s appreciation in foreign exchange market.
Igwe recalled that the private sector was worried by the negative trends that persisted in the economy before the presidential and National Assembly polls.
He also said the tension generated by some politicians during their campaigns put a lot of anxiety on investors, adding that business became “more of sell off and take your cash.
“The business community is now relieved, cash has returned to the market and demands on equities increased to about N12 trillion all translating to positive earnings on the portfolios”, he said.
Igwe stated that the positive development was good for both local and foreign investors as life had returned to the nation’s economy.
He expressed optimism that that the president–elect would faithfully implement the economic policies he promised the electorate.
He stated that investors had confidence in Buhari’s ability to run the economy well given his pedigree as a disciplinarian.
Igwe also said that investors expected Buhari to select a team of serious-minded and patriotic individuals as ministers.
He urged him to choose people with wealth of experience and love for the country to work with him.
Igwe stated that the private sector would like practical entrepreneurs, academics and technocrats with experiences to be in the new cabinet. (NAN)