THE bleeding crown is the crown of thorns placed on the head of Jesus Christ during his passion on Good Friday about April 7, 30 AD Nearly two thousand years ago.
crown is the diadem of royalty, the sovereign and the governing power in a kingship or monarchy
This crown of Jesus Christ is kept in the Holy See in Italy On the surface of the thorns are spots resemble blood stains
Under certain conditions as on Good Friday, the stains of blood come alive and take on a bright, ruby red colour, just like real living blood, small droplets of blood form along the thorns. This would go on for few days, and reverts to normal.
Good Friday is the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified, the day on which he actually shed his blood for humanity. Good Friday is a mobile feast calculated in terms of interplay between the sun and the moon
the Jews culture, the feast called “The Head of the Year” was originally a spring feast, occurring at the beginning of the month in which Passover is celebrated; and Passover is celebrated in the first month of the fiscal year.
Easter Sunday always falls on the First Sunday after the first full moon, after March 20/21, which is the standard date of the spring Equinox Spring Equinox is the beginning of spring Equinox means “equal night, equal day and is the day on which the sun rises exactly in the east, travels through the sky for exactly twelve hours and sets exactly in the West.
Every place on earth experiences a twelve hour day, twice a year on the spring and autumn equinoxes 20121 March and 21 23 September, respectively.
Jesus time, the sun rose in the constellation of the Lamb-Aries.
The mystic Lamb was sacrificed for humanity at that time of the year when the sun was in the constellation of the Lamb, the traditional animal for sacrifices in culture-”Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”.
“Then the soldiers of the Governor took Jesus into the Praetorium. They gathered the whole battalion before him. They stripped him and put a scarlet- military robe upon him, and plaiting a CROWN OF THORNS, they put it on his head, and put a reed (Iron rod, sword) in his right hand. Kneeling before him, they mocked him saying “Hail king of the Jews”.
They spat upon him and took the reed and struck him on the head “as the hymnal could sing:-”Thy kingdom come O God/Thy rule, O Christ begin/Break with thine iron rod/The Tyrannies of sin.
Where is thy reign of peace/And purity and love/When shall all hatred cease/As in the realms above
When comes the promised time/That war shall be no more/And lust, Oppression, crime/Shall flee thy face before”
The crowning with thorns was not ordered by Pilate The soldiers thought of it when they learnt that the victim was accused of wishing to make himself king. The thorns were taken from the faggots, the soldiers kept for lighting fires with which to keep themselves warm during the night watch.
Jesus bled from the crown and at noon, the sun stopped shining and darkness covered the whole country until three O’clock.
The crowning of thorns was one of the dolorous of the stages of the passion, and some mystics refer to it as” a passion within the passion”
A great multitude of the people and of women of Jerusalem wept for Jesus, Alas!, one of the women named Veronica wiped the bloody face of Jesus with handkerchief, and Jesus face impressed on the handkerchief, “bleeding O Saviour bleeds.”
The Holy shroud gives some impressive evidence of the dreadful nature of this ordeal and mangling Operation. “On the skin of the scalp there are, on average of one hundred and forty four (144) pain-sensitive nerves per square centimeter.
The crowning of thorns must therefore have been even more painful than the actual scourging. It seems that the crown was inserted. It shows thirteen major blood outlets caused by the thicker thorns, and about sixty minor points caused by the smaller ones.
The phenomenon of the blood appearing on the thorns could therefore be an indication from Heaven inviting people to pay greater heed to the crown.
In 1932, the crown of thorns bled on Easter Sunday March 27, the bleeding thorn was photographed for the first time.
On the eve of March 24, 2005 two huge screens were set up in the biggest squares of Andria City to provide live coverage of the Bleeding crown.
During the course of March 25, 2005 the thorn began to show faint signs of variations, then a tiny ruby-red bubble appeared on the tip and onward, small whitish freckles began to appear along the whole surface of the thorns while the tip took on an ash-coloured hue.
The crown bleeds to every-one’s astonishment. The episode lasted for more than three hours. The phenomenon of the twisting and curling up upon itself of the thorn was as though the thorn had been overshadowed by mysterious force that had given fresh life to it.
In the year 2005, the thorn started bleeding on the night between Good Friday and Holy Saturday The thorn first changed colour. It became almost Bordeaux red, while the tip became slightly humid, as though it has just pricked someone Then on Easter Monday everything went back to normal
The thorn changed colour again on April 2, 2005, the day Pope John Paul II, passed on, the crown took on a garnet-reddish hue which became even more intense on Sunday April 3, 2005.
The true crown of thorns of Jesus Christ was brought to Europe from Constantinople by Saint Louis, King of France in the 13 Century
Like every Royal Prince, Louis had private tutors to teach him the arts and sciences, the grace and dignity that were expected of every heir to the royal throne and his devote mother instilled in him deep respect and reverence for everything associated with religious culture.
The bleeding crown of thorns placed on Jesus head is nowadays still bleeding under the scrutiny of modern scientists, a supernatural phenomenon of Good Friday in modern culture.