Religion as one of the most important institution in the world has to be handled and analysed carefully because it is that tool which is known as two edge sword.
Religious can be said to be a relationship between man a transcendent being  or a deity which is believed to exist in the heart of a man. This transcendent being could be conceived in different forms and ways. This form can be as a result of the location where the conception is made, for example, a person who lives in riverine area or environment can perceive and conceive God as the longest or the deepest river which he has come across in life. In this situation we find out that this person do have an idea of a deity but in different forms because of their possible different exposure.
Nevertheless, the diversity of religious shouldn’t bring division between people of the same culture and those that are not. Every humans on Earth has his or her own cultural belief and behaviour and most of these culture are attached and affiliated to religion that is being practice and adhere to by the people of the community or environment.
The diversity in cultures and religions has so far caused unrest and chaos in our nation Nigeria just because every religion adherents thinks and feel his or her religion is unique and powerful, and therefore supersede other religions in his environment and beyond.
Pride has take effect in religion today and it is what is still plaguing and claiming more lives. Today, fanatics and dogmatic Christians and Muslims have turned deaf ears to the safety and survival of their fellow Nigerians of fellow human beings,   as in the case of the world at large.
When we say religion is two edge sword, it means that religion is the best thing that was given to mankind and it is also the most dangerous weapon  that is being used to depopulated the world and risking the existence of mankind on Earth.
One way or ways to keep a safe and serene environment is when the people are committed to what they believe to be true and connecting their conscience to the religions they practice and adhere  to.
The most important way of keeping our environment safe from extremists  and fundamentalists is to get people to study and know what religion is and entails. That is, its detailed analysis, they say one cannot be wrong of what one knows and practice. Knowing and studying religious will do great in our country Nigeria that is at the midst and condition of destruction and insecurity.
Over the years many scholars have failed to lecture the society why and how people should perceiver and adhere to their religious belief. There have been several extreme groups that claimed to belong to one particular religion “Islam”. This group have spread its fences to the whole world especially the Africa part of the world and the Middle East.
A good study of religion especially those that are not ours allows for peaceful co-existence. Since you have the knowledge of your neighbours religion, its values and its ethnic, it will make you tolerate and  accept and live with the person without fighting or victimizing the person because of the religion he or she practice.
The rate of religions crises is reduced since we do not see ourselves as intimidating each other rather as persons searching for the true essence of a divine being which is far from our very naked eyes.
The study of religion expose us to different religions history, that is, how those religions came to being. Even if you have the mind to kill and destroy your neighbours because their religions are different from yours, but because of the knowledge about the history of their religions, and knowing that the prophets who founded the religions were not violent would makes you to draw back your sword and show sense of human consciousness and mercy. Most religions founders that lived in the past are known for peacekeepers and ambassadors of peace. For example, our sweet Jesus Christ who came and died for humans continuous existence. Jesus lived his life for the good of man, that is, for man to be saved from sin and condemnation.
The study or the indept knowledge of the ethnics and values of all religions in the world simplify the human lives   because it will bring peace and harmony among individuals that strive to improve in their daily lives and activities. The study o religion exposes us to the rules and regulations binding people of  a particular regions. Then one would not like to be an offender to the society in the form and way of creating troubles and charos which will therefore limit the societal  status position.
The study of religion teaches us how to live and cope in an environment were multireligions is being practices. It makes you to respect and care for the wellbeing of your neighbours. In Malaysia, there are lots of Nigerians and other Africans working to improve on their  lots.
And Malaysia is a country ruled and governed by Muslim laws and ethnics, those foreigners who are there will learn to adapt to the conditions of the laws. There was a time when they made a law that forbade a non-Muslim to swear in the name of Allah, and that anybody found guilty would be penalized and this laws are being abided to and respect by both the Muslims.
The study of religion as a course in the university will help reduce the problem being faced because more and more people will come to understand that it is not about proving points with swords and guns that one religion is superior than the other but  rather by believing and holding on to one’s doctrine and seeing that he/she attains a reasonable height in what is believed.

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