BENIN CITY – Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has assured that the state government will employ more teachers this week, before the end of his administration, to ensure that quality education is given to students in public schools in the state
Speaking during an interactive session with female students of different schools at the Second Edo State Festival of the Girl Child organized by “We Care Trust Foundation”, a pet project of the wife of the Governor, Mrs. Iara Oshiomhole, in Benin City, Friday, Governor Oshiomhole said, “my takeaway from this meeting is that the Commissioner for Education, before he retires next week, must between now and Tuesday give me a list of mathematics teachers, English Language, English Literature, Geography, science teachers and arts teachers.
“We have already done the interview; we will select a number and we will post them to your schools next week before the end of my tenure, so that you will be able to say, when you met with the Governor, you told him that you needed mathematics teacher, five days later a mathematics teacher has resumed in your school, and physics teacher, etcetera.”
The Governor continued, “In many of your schools, you are happy with the buildings, the equipment, but even for the laboratory equipment, you need modern ones, and where you don’t have, they will be provided. I am not sure how long it takes to order them and to have them delivered because we don’t have them right in any warehouse now. So, we won’t be able to deliver those before the end of my tenure, but I will do a memo, I will sign, and Godwin Obaseki, when he assumes office, he will ensure those equipment are provided.
The other common issue is that we have to ensure there are libraries and that the libraries are well stocked.”
The issue of Emotan College is very interesting. They looked at Idia College and they want their college to be even finer than Idia College. Here and now, we will make sure that Emotan College is remodelled so that it will be just as beautiful as Idia College with a college hall and a laboratory.
Oshiomhole assured the students that “my successor will ensure that the other schools that are under construction are completed. We still have some blocks that have not been finished. Those will be completed, and the ones that we haven’t yet started, the next governor will continue from where I am going to stop. You know that government, as they say, is a continuum. One governor and one government cannot finish everything. But if the next governor does as much as we have done, and I know that the next governor will do even more than what we have done, then all the schools in Edo State will begin to look like Imaguero College, Idia College and New Era College.”
Among students who spoke and commended Governor Oshiomhole for his infrastructural development of the State is Miss Constance Iratobe, a student of Emotan College. She said, “Sir, I really want to appreciate you for the good work which you have done in Edo State. Edo State is now like a paradise. It is a paradise. Sometimes, most people use us to compare to abroad, telling them there is a paradise in Nigeria which is Edo State. The seed of good work is meant to be sown. Sir, I really want to appreciate your good work.”
The Edo State Festival of the girl child is a gender-focused initiative for mobilising women and the girl child to take a positive active interest in affirmative action through promoting female folks, empowerment and gender equality in the society. This initiative seeks to create mass awareness among the female folks at all levels of their human rights and obligations as active citizens of Nigeria and Edo State in particular.

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