• GusO

    So, Nigerians should direct their agitations and discontentment towards their political representatives in NASS and some governors who embezzle their money either through paying themselves too much salaries and allowances or stealing their state’s monetary allotments directly. They should direct their agitations to the Federal Ministers and various directors in the Federal Corporations like the NNPC and the NIA director who embezzled millions of dollars of public funds without the fear of prosecution and jail terms. They should direct their agitations against our corrupt judiciary and police establishments who are abysmally corrupt and have abdicated their roles of bringing the corrupt to justice. Letting these same corrupt politicians use innocent but misguided Nigerians to create Sharia movements (which became Boko Haram) or arm Fulani herdsmen, IPOB and Niger Delta Avengers is not the right thing to do because they keep us to perpetually fight one another and keep us, a country of outstanding and educated people perpetually underdeveloped. These are not healthy agitations as the writer seems to suggest. These are agitations created by evil politicians together with foreign sponsors to make sure that the most brilliant black nation on earth does not drop its dependency on importation of goods by becoming a self-reliant industrialized nation. Nigerians are unknowingly complicit in denying ourselves any national progress. The Indians have at least 20 different languages and different races but they’ve not brought their nation down with negative agitations like Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri, the Igbos and more recently, the Ijaws have done.

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