The general belief amongst believers in Christ, all over the world, and the preaching by most ministers of God is that “Easter”celebration is in commemoration of the day Christ resurrected from the dead. This is the spirit of error. Such celebration is that of another Jesus and such preaching is the preaching of another Jesus, against which the Holy Spirit through Apostle Paul, warned the Corinthian church in 2 CORINTHIANS 11:2, and I quote, “IF HE THAT COMETH, PREACHETH ANOTHER JESUS, WHOM WE HAVE NOT PREACHED, OR IF YOU RECEIVE ANOTHER SPIRIT WHICH YOU HAVE NOT
The majority of the people of God have become lawful captives of Satan, for lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding of the word of truth. It is the word of truth, that shall set the people of God free from the WILES or deceit of the devil. Hence Jesus says in JOHN 8:32 and I quote, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The devil whodeceiveth the whole world has made believers in Christ, all over the world to believe that “Easter” celebration is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. This is the LIE of the devilwho is THE FATHER OF LIES, as described in JOHN 8:44.

To many believers in Christ, it may be shocking to know that the name “Easter” is a pagan name, pronounced as ISHTAR or ASTARTE. Ishtar or Ashtarte is one of the many names of Semiramis, worshipped in Ancient Babylon as queen of heaven or goddess of the moon. Semiramis was the most beautiful wife of Cush, Noah’s grandson, who gave birth to a son, by name, Nimrod. After the death of his father, Cush, Nimrod married his mother. This incestuous marriage between mother and son, gave rise to the idolatrous worship in Ancient Babylon, whereby Nimrod, also known as Baal/Sun-god, while Semiramis also called queen of heaven or Ishtar, now became objects of idolatrous worship in Ancient Babylon. And so, the pagans in Ancient Babylon, worshipped both the queen of heaven, or Ishtar and the sun-god or Baal. Baal worship and Ishtar worship with all their idolatrous festivities, had been in existence before Christ was born. All the “Easter eggs” and “Easter Cakes” which feature in Easter/Ashtarcelebration in most countries of Europe, are sacrifices to the queen of heaven, which incurred the anger of God upon the children of Israel, when they also made cakes to the queen of heaven, as written in JEREMIAH 7:18-20.

It is important to know that all these pagan festivals/festivities, were gradually introduced into the Christian faith, in Rome, itself an idolatrous city. Any believer in Christ with deep spiritual understanding should know that the “Easter” that is found written in ACTS 12:4, was not a celebration by the early church, but it was a celebration by king Herod and by all the heathens in that city. Peter was kept in prison by Herod, intending after their “Easter celebration, to bring him out of the prison to the people.“So this had nothing to do with the Christian faith.The saints in the early church were being persecuted by the king, which led to the killing of James. It is recorded that prayer was made without ceasing of the early church unto God for Peter.
The only record we have in the scriptures, of the New Testament gospels, is that Christ rose from the dead, the third day, which fell on the first day of the week, known as the LORD’S DAY in REVELATION 1:10. AND SO, THE LORD’S DAY, THE DAY OF CHRIST’S RESURRECTION, is the day recognized in heaven by God, when the saints of God must joyfully assemble, every week to worship the risen Christ.In the days of the early church, the disciples of Jesus,would assemble together every first day of the week, which is the LORD’S DAY, to continue in the apostles’ doctrine and in joyful fellowship of breaking of bread and in prayers, as written in ACTS 12:42.

There is no record in the book of Acts of the Apostles to show that the disciples of Jesus, in the early church, set aside a particular day, in a particular month, of every year, to observe and to celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The LORD’S DAY SERVICE, on every first day of the week is the worship of the RISEN CHRIST. Sunday is the day set aside in Rome for Baal worship or the worship of the SUN-god. Therefore, the doctrine of Easter celebration is the doctrine of the devil. It is not Christ’s doctrine, neither is it the doctrine of God!
This explains why Easter celebration is corrupt with drunkenness, surfeitings, banquettings, all sorts of worldly amusement and sexual immoralities, which contradict the word of God; and even, most times, ghastly motor accidents, as a result of drunkenness, because Satan the prince of this world is the one behind“Easter” celebrations. Prior to the pagan Easter celebration, the devil commands adherents of certain religious sects to abstain from meats, on a so-called “Good Friday”. Butevery day of the week is like every other day and there is no particular day that is better than the other. And forbidding to eat meat is the doctrine of the devil, as written in 1TIMOTHY 4:1-3.

The celebration of VALENTINE’S DAY, like Easter Day celebration, is a pagan celebration, which is also being celebrated world-wide. It is a romantic celebration, which also originated in ancient Babylon. It is the day set aside by Satan for“lovers” to gratify their lustful desires. This day is bedeviled with all sorts of celebrations, sexual perversion and immoralities, especially amongst the youths. The demon behind Valentine’s day is known as Cupid. It is a demon of lustful desire. And many women, even believers in Christ, have been captured by this demon so much so, that they feel depressed and totally rejected if their husbands or “lovers” fail to express their erotic and infatuated love during this pagan celebration. That period is a period of purchase of gifts to enrich the merchants/traders of Modern Babylon, as written in REVELATION 18:15 who equip their stores during this season, withvarious cards, perfumes, flowers etc. Valentine celebration is a mockery of the true Agape love of God, which is shed abroad in the hearts of the saints of God by the Holy Spirit.
But he that hath an ear, let himhear what the Spirit saith unto the churches, thus saith the LORD.