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How MBP Solutions Helps Manage Your Waste Oil Collection Process

The environment is fast degrading. Today, even the smallest of factors are triggering the loss of our green natural surroundings. From large tankers spilling oil in the ocean to disposal of used cooking oils from your kitchen, the pollution is drastically rising.

Well, we all know the effects of environmental pollution. Needless to say, global warming is already here with us. We must do something to avoid further consequences.

But what can we do about it?

Waste oil collection is one thing you can try. It involves collecting your used cooking oil and transforming it into new raw material.

MBP Solutions can help you manage this process. How?

Below are a few ways they achieve this.

1.     Handling your by-products first hand

Every industry has its own way of handling by-products. However, your methods may not be the best way to handle the waste. You need to dispose of your byproducts in a way that doesn’t affect the environment.

MBP offers an outsourcing service for your waste collection. The service entails having MBP handle all your waste and by-products and waste collection, leaving you to focus on your core services.

MBP is the best company for this task as its been in the industry for a long time and has the necessary knowledge in the field. Moreover, it’s certified and well reputable across multiple countries.

This service also applies to hotels and homes as the company works for both. You can thus entrust them with your waste oil collection and rest assured that it’ll be well handled.

2.     Providing collection containers

Waste oil collection is not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of steps that go into the process, and thus, customers try to avoid it by carelessly disposing the waste.

However, by working with MBP, we’ll help ease the process for you. MBP goes the extra mile to ensure that your waste oil collection is environmentally friendly.

For one, we’ll supply you with the containers to store your used oil and other waste products. These products come in different sizes, depending on the size of your waste products. Some containers are as large as 1000litres and others as small as 200 liters!

Secondly, we tackle all collection-related services. This includes facilitating the cleaning and emptying containers after collection to ensure you are exposed to any contaminations.

As such, we ensure that regardless of the size of your waste oil, the collection process isn’t limited.

3.     Collecting more than Used cooking oil

Waste oils come in many forms, and in as much as MBP handles used cooking oils, they also handle other used waste oils.

These wastes can range from grease tap waste, to unused cooking oils, to oil and grease separated from grease tap waste.

Unused cooking oil can be abandoned because of spoilage, contamination, or other reasons. Nonetheless, regardless of the type of waste oils you have, MBP will help you with the collection and processing.

What’s more, experts from MBP are continually looking into potential uses of other waste products for recycling. You will be surprised at how much waste oil we can collect.

4.     Working on all the legal procedures

When collecting your used waste oil, you must ensure that you meet all the legal proceedings required. Moreover, you might need certification and license to collect the waste in some states.

Instead of worrying about such issues, MBP solutions help you tackle them. It’s certified, licensed, and accredited to work in this industry, making it perfect for the task.

Additionally, MBP takes care of all the paperwork and documentation involved in the process. Therefore, all you have to do is provide the waste oil for collection.


The collection of waste oil is a process that needs the right knowledge and equipment. It’s thus very handsy for any person or company.

MBP Solutions are working to simplify this process for you. With their reputation and certifications in the industry, why not try working with them?

Instead of worrying about your waste collection, let them help you streamline the process.











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