Now what else should we be talking about now but David? The Law has been done away with and we’re now in The Grace Age: Grace and Truth came by JESUS Christ and He came in as The Offspring of David for, the Blessedness of sins not being imputed and transgressions forgiven was found first in the man, David. The Prophets have all prophesied and they sit back now to wait for the fulfillment of their prophecies and when we examine their prophecies as touching this day, we come to find that David is the subject matter: from Isaiah to Jeremiah, to Ezekiel, to Hosea, Amos and the New Testament Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul; all of them indeed. And to say, “all I know is JESUS!” is good but now JESUS gives a New Testament introduction of David for He tied all of His Personality to David as The Root and Offspring of David (Rev.22:16).

Therefore which Jesus have you believed? Which one do you know? The one that’s always a baby on his mother’s lap and never grows up to fulfill his ministry? Or the one that’s always on a table eating and drinking as depicted by Da Vinci and he never goes beyond that to bear our griefs and sorrows? Is it the miracle working Jesus you know, who does not ever preach a Sermon? Or the one that goes to Calvary but does not have the power to climb down from the Cross and is permanently stuck to it and hence permanently dead? The JESUS that prevailed, that died and raised again, that took the keys of hell and death having become the Ransom for all; JESUS that took all our mourning away and possessed the gates of his enemies, is The Root of David! (Rev. 5)

Now that He’s become Spirit, and no longer will be Son as we knew Him, He leaves for men a subject matter to discuss and that’s David! I’m a Scientist by training and we were taught that the frontal source of life is the sun, for, it activates and animates all creation and so without the sun, the earth cannot continue. But Elder David (The Beloved) shook my consciousness and educational balance when he said that as much as that is true, a man fully awake by the light of the sun could still have his soul deep in darkness for the sunlight can’t get there; you could be awake by the sunlight and the things around you are dead and can’t receive life; you could have been animated by the sunlight but you are in tears for your problems have awoken with you; you could be under the full glare of the sunlight and your soul still can’t find the way. Therefore the sunlight is not the ultimate light like science taught us. And so we need another light, a greater light that can get to our souls; that can pierce through the gloom and cause our spirits to rise. We need light to see the way by, we need light that can resurrect our being; and The LORD JESUS Christ in the Office of Son, told men, “I am The Light of the world!” With all of our claims of being born again, has your soul become enlightened now?

Do you now have a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path? Have you seen the Light? And The Scriptures declare that a time is coming when that Light will come to the Gentiles and then we can arise and shine for The Glory of The LORD would have arisen upon us. Has that Light come? When will it come? For the fact that The LORD JESUS takes His place now as The GOD of creation, how will that Light that expresses from that Office of The Son come to us Gentiles? How then do we find the way? How can our souls awake? Will our souls ever become enlightened? We are at that point now where every soul must search for The Light! Greetings my friends. So glad to see the system gradually stabilizing again and I believe that very soon, the wave of this covid-19 will pass as it has already passed and be forgotten.
But now, The Elder David (The Beloved) did something in recent times that I think is worthy of note.

Now that the lockdown directive on Churches has been lifted, The Elder David through all his branches across the world, went back to the month of April to observe the Programme he put in place to remember Calvary; and everything was done to magnify GOD just as it would have been done back in April. For David had said that when his mourning is turned into dancing, he would give thanks forever (Ps.30). Do you believe in Calvary? that your griefs and sorrows were taken away? that your bitterness was removed? that the contrary handwriting that had been against us has been blotted out? Then you must go back too! Yes! the example has been set! If you understand what it means for Abraham’s seed to possess the gates of his enemies, then you must go back to mark and commemorate that moment which is widely called Easter. And even if you don’t understand, for the good life you enjoy, for your wife, family, business, just for the air you breathe, you must go back and consciously say thank you to GOD for providing the continuity of those things through Calvary.

Remember, we were debtors but the Price has been paid; shall you become a debtor again to owe GOD thanksgiving? I don’t think that’s the character of a child. And so, Easter like you call it must be celebrated in full, like it would have been done in April. Tie your palm fronds, wear your good clothes, sing hymns and rejoice for Calvary has paid for our continuity. And here you see that with all ‘born again’ claims, men still fall short of The Glory of GOD for some may now say that we’ll do it better next year, we can’t go back; but remember, it was once said to us Gentiles that we are not beloved; it was once said that we are not the children of GOD but in that same place where it was said, GOD went back to annul that Resolution and in that same place, He pronounced us children and His beloved. So should you go back or not? If you didn’t forget about that wedding or party, then Calvary should not be forgotten. Now, back to the present matter: why should we discuss David? Why should we search out David? Why should we look back to David?

And I show you some examples, Hezekiah was sick unto death and was foretold that he would die; there couldn’t have been a chance of surviving that, because it was spoken by the mouth of GOD’s Prophet. But Hezekiah did something which has gone unnoticed, he looked back to David and beseeched GOD with the words of David and did he live? Was that death turned away? For whose sake? Then who was Hezekiah? A King, but he got light from David to survive that sickness unto death. Jonah had missed the way for he greatly offended GOD and sure would die for it, for where has a man gone into the belly of a fish and come out alive? In that deep, in the depths; in that hell, Jonah did something like Hezekiah: he looked back to David and brought the Psalms before The LORD. Did Jonah see the light of day again? Who was Jonah? A Prophet but he got light from David to see another day. And many more examples abound but now we look to The Author and Finisher of our Faith, The LORD JESUS. And did you ever know that it was a risk for The Great GOD to become a man and die?

What if He never raised up? Calvary therefore is a reality and not some magical flare. The LORD JESUS made a boast that He would lay down His Life and take it back up again and He could have left it that way but from that night after the Passover that His soul was exceeding sorrowful unto death, that He wept so hard until His sweat became as thick as blood (Ps. 116:3&4) to His cries on the cross (Ps. 22:1) and His giving up of the ghost (Ps. 31:5a), just to mention a few; The LORD looked back to David and lifted up the Psalms for a prayer. Did He raise back from the dead? Who was JESUS? GOD in flesh. But He that put that light in David took light from David as an example to all men. JESUS being The Author of our Salvation has by that said how He wants it to be for there’s an example given to all men by GOD. David has the light for men to see the way by and as we stand now at the verge of Jordan, in the darkest night of the Gentile times; the sleeping saints have waited for the hour of translation and we within ourselves groan for we have long expected the Rapture experience but howbeit? How can a man standing be changed in a moment from corruption to incorruption, from mortality to immortality?

What will trigger that change and where is that power? The saints in Glory need an answer and we which are alive and remain need answers too; will GOD leave Himself without a witness? What do we do now? The Author of our Faith, JESUS, led the way: we all must look back to David for he has the light that can take us through the gloom; he has the light that can cause our souls to awake. So Israel understood that in that day and called David alone, their Light. Then who was David? Who is David and who will be David? “Are you trying to say that David is the Light of men and therefore the Light of the world?” Yes! because JESUS occupied that position for as long as He was in the world (John9:5), now that He’s left that Ministry of a man, who will stand in that position to give light to men? In clear terms, if you could use the Light of David to get through your darkest moments, in your perpetual reading of the Psalms, then what will it be, when David is made flesh on the earth again? Surely his Light that took us through our darkest moments can take us through the valley of the shadow of death and we’ll arrive in Life and Immortality. See you next week friends as we discuss more on the present matter.

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