Your Excellency, Godwin N. Obaseki,
Executive Governor,
Edo State, Nigeria

Dear Governor Obaseki:

We are Edo International Congress (EIC), a pan-Edo socio-cultural group based in Nigeria and the Diaspora. We want to use this medium, to congratulate you, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, the Governor of Edo state, and his Excellency Phillip Shaibu, Edo state Deputy Governor, on your earned victory in the September 19th governorship election in Edo state. Your success in the election has been quite heart-warming to all meaningful people of Edo state.

Notwithstanding the politically motivated odds that were thrown in your way, you emerged victorious. Your victory is an outright demonstration of the resolve and willingness of the people of Edo state to recognize good work. With your victory, the people of Edo state and the world are reminded, once more, that performance and good deeds pay. Your victory at the poll is even more telling and sweet, considering the determination of the masterminds of your unfair and shocking disqualification from contesting as the gubernatorial candidate of the APC. You navigated a very tortuous election terrain and road to victory. In short, your sweeping victory is a striking revelation of the recognition the people of Edo state have accorded your performances in the last four years. The people of Edo state saw the need for you to do a second term to continue your good work. Hence, they have overwhelmingly anointed you for another four years.

We hope you will continue your good work and do whatever is necessary to ensure that the basic amenities of life are afforded the people of Edo state. Most importantly, we implore you to look into the dire security situation of the people of Edo state. While we impress upon you to do what is humanly possible within your reach to ease the pain and suffering of our people, we pledge and offer you our support and solidarity as you work in the next four years to make Edo state the true heartbeat of Nigeria.

Your Excellency, we congratulate you and take great delight in your victory because your victory is a victory for the people of Edo state.


Bishop Stephen Aghahowa Leslie Eki Woghiren
President P.R.O

Edo International Congress Office of the President
6317 Virginia Lane, Matteson, Illinois 60443