BENIN CITY: A plaintiff, Hon. Osazee Ozigbo in suit No. B/323/2003 between him and Warri Bottling Company Limited in which judgement was delivered in his favour over breach of contract has cried out to relevant authorities with a view to helping him prevailed on the company to pay his compensation as ruled by the High court of Benin in March 20, 2012.

Recalled that Hon. Ozigbo had in 2003 engaged the Warri Bottling Company Limited through its depot along Sapele Read, Benin City for the supply of 3,500 creates amounting to the tune of N2.9 million Naira for the occasion of the defunct All Nigeria People’s Party (APP) rally.

Hon. Osazee contended that after fulfilling the payment for the drinks, the Warri Bottling Company failed to supply the drinks for the occasion, a situation which necessitated court action that lasted nine years until March 2012 when judgement was delivered in favour of Osazee Ozigbo and cost of Five Million Naira and 8% monthly interest till the judgment sum is paid was awarded against the defendant, Warri Bottling Company Limited.

According to the Judgment: “On the whole, I hold that the plaintiff ( Hon. Dr. Osazee Ozigbo) has successfully proved his claim of liability against the defendant ( Warri Bottling Company Limited). Accordingly, I hereby enter judgment in favour of the plaintiff against the defendant in the following terms:

“The sum of N881,512,87 being the balance sum for the cost of N3,500 crates of liquid contents of the soft drink.

“The sum of N787,500.00 being the cost of N3,500 empty crates of soft drinks.

“The sum of N2,310,000.00 being loss of profit and the defendant shall pay interest at the rate of 8% on the judgment sum until same is final liquidate. I award the plaintiff costs of N20,000.00 against the defendant”.

According to Ozigbo, all efforts to execute the judgement on the company , either through its management staff or Board of Directors since 2012 proved abortive as the company has deliberately removed its sign posts and parked out of their last known addresses both in Benin City, Warri (Delta ) and Lagos States respectively.

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Hon. Ozigbo lamented how he has been traumatized by the situation raging from loss of initial payment, further contracts with his clients, good will from the public.

Said he; “The company does not want to obey the court order. So am calling on relevant authorities both local and international to help prevail on the company to pay my entitlement as granted by the court.

Continuing, he said; The company is a Public Liability Company with Board of Directors, so they can not disappear into thin air like that because they paid their lawyers who handled the case for them”.

Ozigbo further averred; We went to court for two years again and I have spent a lot. After that, they said they have office that I was familiar with in Lagos. But the moment they knew I was in Lagos to exercise the execution of the judgement on them, the company deliberately removed its sign board and disappeared. The company has perfected the act of disappearing when ever they smell my presence”

He called on the Federa government, particularly the Edo and Delta state Governments to rescue him from the traumatic situation by intervening as the company now claimed that its properties have been sold out and no longer have fixed address.

” The company breached the term of contract. I arrested them and the company said they are not going to pay me because I arrested them, even the money I deposited with them.

“I did not have any other place to go so I approached the court to seek justice.
Ever since then, there have been threats to my life by the company”