BENIN CITY – The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has urged Muslim faithful to use the Ramadan fasting period to pray for sustained peace, unity and progress of the country.

The governor said the sacred month of Ramadan is a period for Muslims to draw closer to God, charging them to use the opportunity of immense reward that abounds during the month of Ramadan to pray relentlessly for the peace and development of the state and country.

“As our Muslim brothers and sisters embark on this journey through the holy month of Ramadan, I urge them to dedicate this period to supplication for peace, unity and progress in Nigeria amid our current economic and security challenges.

“This is a period for sober reflection and dedication to Allah and I urge Muslim faithful to strengthen their relationship with Him even as we embrace the virtues of sacrifice, tolerance, discipline, and perseverance symbolised by denying the body of food and drinks.”

“I also urge Muslims in Edo State to pray for the progress of the state even as we ramp up efforts to win the war against the second wave of coronavirus and protect our people. They should also ask that Almighty Allah continues to direct and guide those in the position of authority so they will continue to do His will,” the governor added.