Thank you Sir, Elder David (The Beloved) for the just concluded Feast of The Spoken WORD, Proclaiming Liberty in The Land! Thank you for bringing to men, the Atmosphere of The WORD, The Power of The Truth and The Immutability of GOD’s Counsel. We have seen the evidence that it is The WORD that produces miracles, it is The WORD that brings prosperity, first to the soul and then otherwise; thank you Sir for your special appearing in the seven-day Liberty Programme. All creation was blessed and we say Todah! (Hebrew for thank you).

Dear friends, always so good to have a moment with you and if there’s anything that has gotten me excited in recent times, it is the global protest against the forced vaccination. I’m not in support of anarchy or revolt but I think, in a situation where democracy has betrayed us, we the people that put the Government in place have got to speak up and let our voices be heard. If vaccination is the solution, thumbs up! you have my support. But should it be forced? No! If Government doesn’t force HIV treatments or chemotherapy for cancers and other such for deadly infections, why should Covid19 be different? And if the vaccination implementation is so efficient, why a second jab and then booster shots? And with that, still no desired results, so we go back to face masks and social distancing, and Nigeria is trying to get entangled in this unseemly trend. Nature gives us the right to speak up, just as free and fair as our right to vote, until this situation is turned around.

Greetings friends in The Name of the man whose Government was put in place, not by vote, nor by political godfatherism, neither by favour of men but by The Election of GOD, The Ultimate Father, The Only GOD-FATHER there is, JESUS The LORD; Who for the sake of establishing this Kingdom spilled His Immaculate Blood: greetings friends in The Name of David! And by The Blood of JESUS, the Kingdom of David is designed to have no graves on its hillside, no sicknesses, no calamity, no evil, no tragedy, no heartaches, no undertakers, no mortuaries, no hospitals and so forth, but peace, rest, fullness of joy evermore. Won’t you dear Christian begin to vie for a place in that Kingdom of David? “How?” Haven’t the Heavens, the same Heavens where GOD established His Faithfulness eternally to David (Psalm 89:1&2) been preaching hard enough? Have you not seen the rainbow around the sun moving from city to city? That full circle that has been photographed a hundred times and more, has never before been seen so visibly since the world began. And if the half of it has saved this earth from perishing since the days of Noah, what would this fullness do? Friends, GOD is announcing The Kingdom of His Dear Son, David. Will you heed that announcement and come into the New Era or become history like the rest of the world in the days of Noah? Incline your ear and come unto Me, hear and your soul shall live, The LORD JESUS says (Isaiah 55:3).

Now, dear modern-day Christian, is there a tomorrow for you? Yes, to the Christian specifically, I speak. Someone says, All religions are one, we are brothers, are we not serving the same God? How can that be, when not all religious exponents resurrected from the grave, not to talk of The Supernal Within-Three-Days Phenomenon? So dear Christian, this is our foundation, therefore tomorrow should be assured, but I am still pressed to ask the same question because the present situation does not mirror the Glorious past. Is there a tomorrow for you, modern-day Christian, over whose Church a burial banner is boldly displayed? Was this the Church that The LORD JESUS vanquished death for? Is this the Church that He promised Eternal Life? Why is death being advertised in the place of life, in the supposed Citadel of Life and Immortality? Is there a tomorrow for that Church? And how about the Christian there?

The LORD triumphed over all principalities and powers, making a public show of their defeat (Colossians 2:15), and thence put them under the feet of His children, but here comes Halloween and the devil that we hold bound in Church is let loose on the streets; who are those that dress up in the armour of evil, treating themselves to a night of paganism? Are a host of them not Church people? It is called modernism; modernism that breaks the bounds put in place by Faith. Will the Church people that celebrate Halloween also celebrate The Eminence of The Light, in the coming reign of The LORD JESUS via the Millennium? Will such an one be admitted into the City where The Lamb is The Light? Little by little, the enemy has destroyed your beliefs so you have been soaked in Valentine’s day celebration, now Halloween, December 25th and the red and white costume and threaded cap of Babylonian religion will soon come sweeping; won’t you soon be deceived to celebrate the day of the dead? Know this, The Scriptures cannot be broken: what you sow is what you’ll reap, if no abomination will be allowed into The City of GOD, then redress your present stand!

When I see this great Lacuna, I blame the preaching Ministry for like The Elder David said, Of great gains and no work done. So much talk of prosperity and the Church is drenched more and more in worldliness. Am I against prosperity? No! But do you need a hard sermon to tell me that my Father, The LORD of Hosts can do wonders? And the damage cuts deep for the average Church person is fearful, spiritually poor, endlessly binding the devil, yet he’s not bound; “Die! Die! Die” and yet evil walks our streets. The people are starved of GOD’s WORD, the spiritual malnutrition is glaring, the souls are lean: weren’t Christian Leaders the first to line up for vaccination? You believe in Divine financial breakthrough but how about Divine healing? Where do we go from here? The LORD JESUS, our Leading Light stands now at the door knocking, not the door of our hearts but that of the Church where He should have had His Seat, and He is saying, Ho every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters… (Isaiah 55:1) for He has provided the platform that would elevate us unto the glory of Sonship, He has made the Gentiles room in tomorrow, and to give us a foretaste, He sends us David now.

Why David? He is the only man that GOD promised an endless future and in David, GOD saves everything from his Throne, to his House, to his Kingdom, his Sceptre of rulership, his Priesthood, his Banner, his Songs, his Words, the Keys of his House, God’s mercy towards him, his Seed, his Lineage beginning from the man himself. If GOD sends him to us now, just before it is Judgment time, is that not a provision for our tomorrow? Dear Christian, is there a tomorrow for you? Yes! In David! How do we get a hold of David? Are you aware that the rainbow that encircles the sun first appeared over a Church in this City (Gospel Church) and later moved to the abode of its Pastor, Elder David (The Beloved) in this same City, year 2012? What is GOD saying by this sign from Heaven? Aren’t you asking the obvious? See you next time. Shalom.