…as Shaibu harps on collaboration amongst drivers.

BENIN CITY – In a bid to address a protest staged by bus drivers from Oredo Local Government over amount charged for ticketing at the newly constructed Obakavbaye Central Park, Edo State government Thursday, March 24, visited various parks in the local government area to address the issue

Addressing the drivers union across Oredo Local Government Area in Benin City, Edo State Deputy Governor Rt. Hon Comrade Philip Shaibu said it was a deliberate policy for the betterment of all drivers and commuters.

The increase in ticketing in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State was due to the proposed cost of maintenance of the structure built at Obakavbaye, which is the central park for all drivers within the Local Government. Haven carefully considered the impact of the ticket prices on the drivers and passengers against the background of the economic situation at the moment, the State Government decided to reduce the daily ticket prices from the initial two thousand naira to one thousand six hundred naira (#1,600) paid by each commercial vehicle.

” We have reduced the prices for the ticket and the maintenance cost for the facilities. The increase wouldn’t have affected the ticketing if you had contributed your quota in building the facilities, but we had to borrow to build the park for you and we are expected to pay back this loan through your collaboration over the payment.”

“The park is built for all the drivers, and no driver is expected to load outside the park, whoever that fails to adhere to this policy will face the law.

The daily ticket prices are; Comrade Buses – #2,500
18 seaters Buses – #1,600
10 seaters Buses – #1,200
Cabs – #800.