Benin City – The Edo State Government through the state’s skills development agency, EdoJobs has trained and graduated 26 youths on movie production and other related vocational skills.

The five-day intensive training programme, aimed at creating a pool of skilled talents for job opportunities in the creative industry, was organized in partnership with a French company, LAFAAAC La Femis.

The youths were trained in digital cinematography, scripting and directing, production management, still photography, editing and sound design and production, among others.

Addressing journalists shortly after the closing ceremony of the programme, the Managing Director of EdoJobs, Mrs. Ukinebo Dare said the programme was a part of efforts to equip youths in the state with the right skillset to thrive in the creative industry.

Dare noted, “While they were on this training, they were able to shoot three short clips that they can use to advertise themselves and their skills. We are looking forward to hearing amazing new things from these Edojobbers.

“We have 26 of them that graduated today and the youngest of them is an actress officially because she acted in one of the movies and she did an amazing thing today. We are happy to say that our talents from young to old participated in this programme and it was a very exciting experience.”

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She further stated, “We started with 45 students and 26 of them are graduating today because the process is rigorous and that’s a part of it. We want to see those who are the most serious because now we are going to the next stage for them to be on movie sets or a different programme that they can use to earn money.

“The smallest student here is seven years old and we are very happy that we have been able to build talent from young to old. We are proud of them.”

One of the facilitators, Theo Belnou, said he was very impressed with the performance from the students throughout the training programme, hailing the government for the programme.

One of the graduating students, Precious Iyekeroretin, said her creative skill has improved from the training during the programme, noting that she was able to produce a comedy skit.

Iyekeroretin commended the state government for facilitating the programme which created an opportunity for them to enhance their creativity.