The Attorney General of Bayelsa State, Biriyal Dambo, stormed Benin City, with his entourage, in July 2022, to under study one of the most practicable and successful models of Healthcare Insurance Schemes in Nigeria: The Edo State Health Insurance Scheme (EDOHIS)

What must have prompted or motivated such a land mark visit by high profile members of Bayelsan government to Edo State?

Certainly, the people and government of Bayelsa State must have read about or had the opportunity to watch the stimulative activities of EDOHIS.

It is not out of place to declare too that, the visitors from Bayelsa State, must have had the benefit of knowing something about other State health insurance programmes in the Federation, before finalizing arrangements that brought them to Edo State.

The tantalizing news is that, under the watchfull eyes of the Executive Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, the Edo Health Insurance Scheme, which became operational in October 2019, is systematically being positioned to make health care services a win-win situation for the residents of Edo State.

Looking keenly at the impact or import of the visitors from Bayelsa State, that is to say openly here without mincing words that, certainly the good citizens of Edo State, who have not taken out time to register with Edo-HIS are really missing greatly.

Missing greatly yes!

That is the way to simply put it, given the fantastic health care insurance package being rolled out for the widespread benefits of every single resident living or domiciling in the heart beat state of Nigeria.

Now, what extraordinary efforts or innovations has the current management of Edo State Health lnsurance Scheme (EDOHIS), under the dynamic leadership of its Director- General, Dr. Rock Amegor, put together, that has attracted the passionate interests of even outsiders to come and under study the scheme?

It is imperative to ask this question again:what is indeed special or unique in the operational engagements of EDOHIS that could not be found in other states of the federation?

It is pertinent to quickly note that, because the civilian government of Governor Godwin Obaseki, is poised to bring positive dimensions to the good people of Edo State, using the health sector as one of his stepping stones, he did not waste time to create the conducive atmosphere in the State, which has necessitated the signing of the Edo State Health Insurance Bill into a Law.

And knowing fully that healthcare is a vital service that ensures the survival of every society, which incredibly contribute to the living standard of the citizens, the Director- General of EDOHIS, Dr. Rock Amegor, has marvelously been putting the right bolts and nuts into the organizational components of the organisation.

The EDOHIS serves as a wonderful avenue to speedy access to affordable and quality health care for every resident of Edo State, because the main objective it was conceived to achieve by the administration of Godwin Obaseki, was to strengthen the foundation of the Edo State Health care system, by reducing out-of-pocket spending of individuals and improving access.

Interestingly, EDOHIS is not elitist, that is to say that it is not an exclusive reserve for the rich and powerful. The health insurance programme is all inclusive; it is neither for the rich nor for the poor; it has no age limitation; it is non-politcal nor is it religiously based; it has no barriers whatsoever.

It has a powerful component designed for the vulnerable in the society. One can say that, it is more beneficial to the downtrodden in the society or the poorest of the poor.

More interestingly, the EDOHIS is not designed as a revenue generating outfit, as the State government funds about 50% of the package continuously for Civil servants in the state who have been statutorily incorporated into the package via basic monthly income contributory scheme.

Indeed, EDOHIS has the best cost-benefit monthly plan that is specifically programmed to satisfy all and sundry.

Apart from the flexibility of the packages, they are robust and rendered through accrediated facilities across the 18 Local Government Areas of Edo State, the facilities were strategically picked to ensure that they can render the very best services while being proximal to various categories of beneficiaries or enrollees.

EDOHIS has fantastic health plans that include the formal health plan for civil servants, informal health plan for non civil servants and other professionals, skilled and unskilled workers, entrepreneurs and their staff, business owners and their staff welders, mechanics, farmers, traders, tailors, hair-dressers etc) within Edo State.

There are 5 financial plans which are paid for annually by enrollees. That is to say that there are different categories for non – civil servants which include :

Student Health Plan (#18,000)
Bronze Health Plan (#18,000)
Silver Health Plan (#35,000)
Gold Health Plan #68,000 and
Platinum Health Plan (#75,000) respectively.

The implications of the above is that enrollees are at liberty to choose whatever plan is suitable to them taking into cognizance their health needs and financial strength.