The groundbreaking ceremony of Lebarty Medical Hospital will hold today August 24, 2022 in Benin City to reduce medical tourism and provision of affordable health care for the less privileged in the society

Speaking to Journalists in Benin City Dr. Nosa Aigbe Lebarty said he decided to come set up the five-star hospital in Nigeria, particularly in Benin City his home state to bring home world class health facilities like the ones in the United States of America where he is a practicing doctor.

According to him, the goal is to have more than just a community center with one- or two-story buildings but a well-equipped hospital with MRI, Scans, ultra sounds, X-rays, significant ultra-modern laboratory, pharmacies because those are the things that will attract people from going away to seek help.

“The other part of this that I have not seen common is helipad. We are going to have helicopter ambulance. There are lots of huge medical centers to conduct medical procedures in Lagos. My goal is to set up partnership with such centers

“If somebody has a heart attack or needs surgery, we fly them. It will be quite easy going by helicopter compared to going by road which will make significant differences.  When you have such facilities, it will be hard for folks not to stay home instead of going abroad and when they stay home, that money stays in the country, you boost the economy and you gain employment.”

Dr. Aigbe Lebarty disclosed that to continue to take care of these less privilege folks the government also has a role to play in subsidizing health care because there are people who cannot seek adequate health care due to lack of money and unfortunately die from what they should not die from.

“I am very proud to come from Benin and I want to come back after several years In America to give back to my community where I was born.  I am in a hurry and very eager to reach out to those who do not have enough. We have every body in mind especially those who cannot seek medical care because they don’t have money or they do not know where to go to

“The project is based on a foundation. We have Project Health Africa that operates in the United States of America and Lebarty Community foundation and with that in mind we plan to set up mini and mobile clinics in the villages, like Ikpako village where I was born and the adopted village of my grandmother   Idu-owina,” he added.

The ground breaking which will be performed by a former Commissioner for Health, Dr. Patrick Okundia will be graced by government officials from the ministry of health, community leaders and other distinguished invited guests