Benin City: Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (Edo SUBEB) has commenced its EdoBEST@Home programme to boost learning amongst students and keep them functional, updated and engaged during the holiday period.

The move by SUBEB became necessary following the determination of Edo State Government and the leadership of SUBEB under Mrs. Ozavize E. Salami to ensure students remain occupied with relevant materials and lessons during the holiday.

EdoBEST@Home is an online learning platform that provides children with lessons and teacher support during the holidays to ensure that children are engaged with mind-stimulating activities.

Parents who have children in EdoBEST schools can access the classes on WhatsApp when they click on the classroom links sent to their phones by Edo SUBEB. The links lead directly to the WhatsApp virtual classrooms where the children have unlimited access to learning materials and teachers. Efficient teachers will be in charge of the virtual classrooms, monitoring progress and providing lessons to students.

Apart from the WhatsApp classes, the Board also urged parents to help their children take the mobile interactive quizzes which are available when they send 0 to +23417006147. The quizzes are an additional learning layer that engages students while they are at home.

EdoBEST@Home as an EdTech solution will ensure a rise in teacher-pupil contact time as well as ensure children have access to an array of literary resources that will be beneficial to their development.