USELU-The Odionwere of Iguedayi village in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, Pa Liawe Ediagbonya has clarified that the village has never been under authority of any other village right from time immemorial to the present day as been claimed by the neighbouring Evbuotubu village

Pa Ediagbonya made the clarification in reaction to the publications made by the people of Evbuotubu village in one of the dailies that Evbuotubu/Iguedayi is one at an enlarged meeting of the elders and people at the village Oguedion

He said to get the record straight so that the general public should not be misled on the true position of things , Iguedayi has boundaries with , Evbuotubu, Ukpea, Iguogie and Iguoto from time immemorial.

Pa Liawe Ediagbonya in a brief history on how Iguedayi village came to be, disclosed that it was during the reign of Oba Adolor  that the great Oba himself sent Avbiogbe Chiefs to plant Nim tree (Ikhinmwin) for them and ever since the village has been on its own

He said Aigbekan N ‘Iwegue who had the chieftaincy title of Obadagbonyi of Benin kingdom founded the village of Iguedayi as earlier said during the reign of Oba Adolor, being a Prince and brother to Oba Adolor, he was a first class chief in Benin kingdom

“As custom demands, he was not to share the Palace with the Oba hence he went in search of a place that will be convenient for him to settle.  He found Iguedayi village and the Oba gave his blessings that he should go and settle in the new found land and take charge of its administration,” he added

He pointed out that, “the village had its Oguedion and Edion N’Akezua, Edion Noghowanre for them to be united and not harm each other.  The Oba gave them Alegbe shrine and also gave them that of the children known as Aikobie and that of the women called Omeho shrine

He said it is also on record how the great Oba Akenzua in his wisdom approved that a school should be built in Iguedayi in 1956 and in 1957, adding that, the school was officially opened to the people to attend and named it Holy Aruosa Primary school II , Iguedayi and again advised the people to get closer to God and built a church which he named Holy Arousa Cathedral II. The first one at Akpakpava, the house where the Ohen osa was living then is still standing ,the people of Evbuotubu and environs attended the church and school,  the name of the Ohen osa then was Aisienevbomwan.”

Continuing, he said the reason they are also close was when the great Oba said it will be good for the people to build and own their own houses in Benin and he introduced Land Allotment Committee and that was what brought Evbuotubu and Iguedayi together

Pa Ediagbonya added that when the great Oba Ewuare II came , as a man of peace and progress , pronounced the ban on Community Development Association, the villages that have Odionwere and Oguedion, the Odionwere and Edionene should take charge of the village on his behalf

He affirmed that even when they were doing things together then everyone has its own Odionwere and oguedion and never interfered into each other’s affairs

He used the occasion to advice members of the public to disregard the publication made by the people of Evbuotubu, stressing that Iguedayi is not under any community and whoever want to do any transactions with Iguedayi should feel free to do so

Also speaking, Mr.  Austin Ohaini, Mr. Ediagbonya Christopher, financial secretary of the village and Austin Omokaro collaborated what the Odionwere said , pointing out that Iguedayi has never been under Evbuotubu as claimed by the people of Evbuotubu

“The village has been independent on its own from the time it was founded during the reign of Oba Adolor, the public should be aware of the antics of the people of Evbuotubu and disregard the said publication,” he added.