ABUJA – The Nigerian Senate has urged the federal government to urgently intervene in the rehabilitation and repairs of some major roads in Edo state linking the north and southern parts of the country.

This was contained in a motion sponsored by all Senators representing Edo state.

The Senate pointed out that the Benin-Ekpoma-Okene, Sapele-Benin and Ewu-Uromi-Agbor roads are all major roads that links Edo state to the north and other southern states in the country is in dire need of rehabilitation because they have been constructed for more than three decades and have in no doubt aided vehicular movement of persons and goods from the south to the north and from Edo state to other parts of the south-south.

The Senate further noted that as a result of age, the effect of wear and tear have negatively affected the state of these roads resulting to untold hardships on citizens and commuters plying these roads.
The Senate is also aware that in 2012, the administration of president Goodluck Jonathan awarded the construction and dualisation of these roads but it was not been completed as works on these roads have been slow.

The Senate is disturbed that certain parts of these roads have failed completely and has become a source of nightmare to motorist especially articulated vehicles that spend days on the same spot thereby preventing other smaller vehicles from navigating their way through these roads.

The lawmaker also pointed out that transporters are forced to increase their fares due to the long hours spent on the roads thereby passing the buck to commuters who are already grappling with the high inflation rate in the country.

The Senate therefore urged the federal government to immediately instruct the Federal Ministry of Works to commence immediate repairs on the failed portions of these roads. Also, provide adequate funding to complete the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the said roads and to come up with a plan to settle all lingering issues bordering on the dualisation of these roads with review of terms and conditions of contracts with the contractors.