6th October, 2022

Muhammadu Buhari GCFR
The President
Federal Republic of Nigeria
The State House
Aso Rock

Your Excellency,


To my mind, this letter is vital, urgent and of utmost attention because of the Nigerian Universities that have been shut down running into the eighth month now as a result of The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria.

My heart is sorely disturbed because the millions of our university students that have been at home since then. Their counterparts in foreign and private Universities have continued their studies uninterrupted simply because their parents can afford the tuition fees in those foreign and private universities.

Oswald Sanders, a renowned English writer said that a leader is the one that knows the road and leads others through it. As the president of Nigeria and the leader of the Nation, you know the road and so lead the nation by it.

Therefore, please arise and make our students return to school in spite of the one thousand and one matters at your table. Undisputedly, these neglected students for the eighth month running are very dear and precious to our nation. We should therefore not allow any generation-gap in the university system in the nation so that other nations which were behind would not run past us and leave us behind.

Mr. President, you and I cannot afford any longer to allow our students sit at home idle now that we have stepped or have nearly stepped the eightieth rung of the age-ladder. Instead, we should be grateful to God for his favour and send our students back to school immediately.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Your Excellency, I sincerely appreciate the much you have been doing in service to this nation in the midst of the cycles of insurgency, terrorism, kidnapping, Bokoharam, inflations and economic recession. Added to all that, are also innumerable national and international issues to treat. Even then let our universities reopen now. The matter has lingered for too long.

I also appreciate the innumerable roles of our University lecturers across the nation and even sometimes as external examiners in foreign universities. They burn the midnight oil reading. They read and teach to produce engineers, doctors, professors, civil servants, lawyers, judges, senators, with other lawmakers, telecasters, editors and other innumerable personnel’s in the public and private sectors.

I wish you God’s guidance in this all-important matter as I move  to close this letter I commend you, Your Excellency, to God hands for protection and divine direction.

God bless.
Samuel Okhisare

The Archbishop
Risen Life Evangelical Church [Inc]