Edo State Ministry of Digital Economy, Science and Technology (MDEST) has said it is set to partner with Technology for Social Change and Development Initiative (Tech4Dev) to implement a Digital Economy Policy in the State.

The Commissioner, Dr. Bartholomew Brai disclosed this during a meeting with a team from Technology for Social Change and Development Initiative (Tech4Dev) at the Ministry’s conference room in Benin City.

Dr. Brai emphasized that Policy and Regulations are core mandate of the Ministry, which is the framework of its activities. Adding that there is an existing National Policy which needs to be domesticated down to State level.

“The Government’s priority is to be able to impact on the citizens. As the Heartbeat of Nigeria, we expect the E-government and Digital Policy Playbook to be Edo Specific and to support in revitalizing a digital economy for Edo people”.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Digital Economy, Science and Technology, Yuwa Naps noted that Edo State is not new to technology as the Government presently runs on E-gov and has kicked off a training academy.

She further pointed out that economic, social and environmental sustainability was pivotal to the development of the State and its citizens.

“Our role as a Ministry is not only to the internal persons in EDSG but ultimately to the citizens of Edo State. We want to see tools that can be domicile here for practicality, measurement, testing and feedback”.

On capacity building, she admonished Techdev on the need for Hands on Trainings, Peer – Peer opportunities, Internships and Train-The- Trainer (TTT) for Staff during the project.

Earlier, the Research and Policy Manager, Tech4dev, Mr. Oluwafemi Awopegba, introduced a State Level Implementation of inclusive Digital Transformation Project. The project’s key objectives is to understand and review existing policies, to implement a practical digital framework for Edo State.

He noted that upon an understanding of the existing situation of the digital policy in Edo State, Tech4dev is expected to implement a Digital skills Playbook that can be adopted across boards for the State Government, Its MDAs, and Non-Governmental Stakeholders, which include Communities, Vulnerable persons in the Society, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) hubs.

He disclosed that Tech4dev will support the State Government offices with an E-governance tool framework that can be adopted and implemented by Edo State’s MDAs and provide solutions to promote Government to Citizens and Citizens to Government digital platforms.

The project is said to be an extension of the Digital Access Programme (DAP), designed and supported by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), to provide technical assistance to each State in developing, planning, and implementing State specific inclusive digital transformation activities for growth and development.