The Boys’ Brigade commemorates Founder’s Day on October 4th. On this day, we honor Sir William Alexander Smith’s inspiration and the principles he established for a young organization that has been around for 139 years.

A statement issued by President, Boy’s Brigade Nigeria, Edo State Council,  Sir Dr. B.J Braie and the state Secretary Organizer,  Jacob Ezomo  disclosed that Smith’s invention is commemorated worldwide on The Boys’ Brigade Founder’s Day. It’s a day to honor the countless numbers of kids, teens, and leaders who have given so much to The Boys’ Brigade and gotten so much in return. It is a day to consider The Boys’ Brigade’s tremendous past as well as the astounding truth that our mission is just as relevant now as it was 139 years ago.

Children and young people living “life to the fullest” is what The Boys’ Brigade envisions for them (John 10:10). In a time when we face many challenges, it is more crucial than ever that we give present and future generations of children and young people the chance to experience life to the fullest and, as our mission states, give them opportunities to learn, grow, and discover in a safe, enjoyable, and caring environment that is rooted in the Christian faith.

Since Smith founded the organization in 1883, The Boys’ Brigade has traveled on an amazing journey. It is an accomplishment for all individuals who have been a part of the Boys’ Brigade family that the Boys’ Brigade has managed to adapt to the various changes in society over the course of such a long period of time.

Narrowing down to our country, NIGERIA, Boys’ Brigade is doing more than just keeping up with change in the globe ranging from the Economy, lifestyle, Culture to mention but a few. In many ways, today’s BB leaders are following in Smith’s footsteps by continuing to innovate and by coming up with fresh, inventive methods to help kids and teenagers live life to the fullest.

Although we observe this every year, the leadership in 2022 has had a very significant impact on the lives of a great number of people. The successes of children and young adults are once again being honored, and many are still having experiences with their BB family.

Without the inventiveness, dedication, and leadership of our founder, SIR WILLIAM ALEXANDER SMITH, as well as the Boys’ Brigade leaders of our era, none of this would have been possible.

Happy 139th Anniversary Boys’ Brigade Worldwide