At 35 years old our billionaire friend wife  passed on recently of Cancer after going through the torture of chemotherapy for several years in Abuja.

Although she died a multimillionaire at an undisclosed  hospital, her life was cut short in a time when life for millions of Nigerians is becoming a night mare in a country blessed by God but destroyed by selfish few.

The air ports are filled with Nigerians running away from their father land to safer ground  to survive because of the excruciating living conditions of Nigerians in their country

In the midst of the hunger and suffering some are  concerned about how to  consolidate themselves in government  with stock piled money that should be in circulation.

With the news of the Central Bank planning to redesign the naira notes we have been seeing the foolishness of some people who had believed that with lots of money they are thin gods.

Some are  politicians who have  come again to seek for votes of the people whom they have impoverished all these years. They have kept these monies to themselves until nemesis now caught up with them.

It is pathetic to note that the situation in Nigeria is not getting better as  the  people  are faced with hard times due to irresponsible leaders and some of them are desperate to hold on to power for ever.

The other day, two trailers loaded with Nigeria currencies that had gone bad were being taken  to the dust bin to be destroyed and the drivers of the vehicles lamented that they were not having money to feed

The roads across the nation are death traps, the basic needs of the people are beyond the reach of majority  and millions are becoming hopeless in a nation that is blessed with so much by the creator

Many have resorted to begging and the rate of crime increasing  while the few opportunists  have continued to make life miserable for all.

As we mourn our late sister who had every thing she could desire but unfortunately she could not control what becomes of her breadth, we begin to see the vanity of life when we live selfish lifestyle accumulating wealth we do not really need forgetting that there several souls out there who cannot afford a meal.

After acquiring all the material wealth,  the houses in Dubai, London and America and all the chase for luxuries, they forget that life will one day come to an abrupt end just like our sister on her sick bed.

Who would have thought that  former President Goodluck Jonathan will be homeless in his home state of Bayelsa when the floods took over the state recently

That is the reality of the Nigeria situation which shows that not only the poor will be victims of the  irresponsible acts of those who claim to be leaders  because they will one day also  be caught up in the destruction they have caused in the polity.

Now, with the increase in petrol price  and the long queue in our filling stations the hardship is biting on  everyone but mostly on the less privilege who are becoming despondent even as the yuletide draws near

The natives in the oil producing communities who have been impoverished all these years since crude oil was discovered in Oloibiri in Rivers state are still at a loss as to what sin they may have committed to be treated like outcast in their own land.

They are the goose that lay the golden egg, yet their  vast swamp land and creeks where oil exploitation has been carried out by multinational oil companies are no more the same and they see the wealth from their land being used in other parts of the country.

They live in perpetual poverty, nothing to show they are from a blessed land. No good drinking water, no electricity, no roads, in fact they have been forgotten all this years while the oil wealth is carted away.

How do you expect the people from the oil rich communities to feel when they see that some persons are keeping such huge sums of money coming from their land in storage tanks and some buried under ground

Their farming and fishing communities have been left desolate. Their rivers are polluted and vegetation destroyed and nothing good is coming  out from the area any more

The farmland are deserted due to the activities of herdsmen who rape and kill the natives on their land, thereby contributing to the hunger and starvation in the country. What an Irony called Nigeria where the rich and poor only come together when it is time to seek for their votes.