BENIN CITY,- A Job Fair has been organised in Benin City, courtesy of two Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the Girls Power Initiative (GPI) and the Street Child of Nigeria (SCoN), with sponsorship from EU through Expertise France.

The job fair was meant to expose beneficiaries of the “Stop Trafficking Prevention and Protection of Young Persons, Women and Girls Vulnerable to or Survivors of Trafficking” project to opportunities that exist in the employment sector and as well link them with existing meaningful and gainful job opportunities in Edo State, the Programme Manager of GPI, May Ekido said.

She said that the activities of the project were executed in Useh, Evbuotubu, Idogbo, Umelu and Utagban.

According to the Protection Manager of SCoN, Mr Elam Firrichi, the job fair was to ensure sustainability of activities executed by in the project.

He said that SCoN is an international NGO with a presence in 20 countries, including Nigeria.

The fair featured presentation by experts on fish farming, photography business, access to credit facilities, tailoring and skills acquisition