Motorists within Benin City continue to lament the scarcity of premium motor spirit otherwise known as petrol, causing the price of PMS to rise steadily as a number of them searched for the product at every nook and cranny of the city with little success.

The Nigerian Observer’s team visited a number of retail stations to access the sale of the essential product, as in a few retail stations where the product was sold, commuters bought it as high as N500 a litre.

According to one the fuel attendants at Conoil fuel stations along Airport road Benin city, he confirmed a litre of PMS was sold for N500 on the order of his boss.

Motorists that were at the station complained about the price, claiming the government is the root cause of this whole chaos.

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VOE Oil station along Airport road sold at the rate of N500 a litre, attracting only a few customers, as most other customers protested against the decision of the station manager.

However, things were different at Oando station, along Airport road where a litre of PMS was sold at N400.

We also gathered that the rate of fuel at Ekehuan Barrack is within the range of Five hundred to six hundred naira only.