The battle for the control of Edo State, especially its treasury, has been reignited. This is coming barely three years since the battle of 2020 which saw Edo almost going beyond the rubicon, before the divine light, through the people’s solidarity with Governor Godwin Obaseki, conquered the forces of darkness and prevented Edo from tipping over.

To the ordinary eye, the approaching March 18 election is simply to win seats in the Edo State House of Assembly, a prerequisite to a 4-year participation in ideal legislative duties aimed at further enhancing the living standard of Edo people.

Unfortunately, a deeper look has revealed a sinister motive for this year’s contest: a ploy to hijack majority of the legislative seats and then oust Governor Obaseki via impeachment, a penultimate to handing the treasury of the state on to the itchy palms of an erstwhile governor of the state, Adams Oshiomhole.

Going by recent utterances of Oshiomole, one can see a thirst to once again be in charge of the day to day running of the state through a rubberstamp house of assembly that will be wholly answerable to him as their godfather, rather than to the people. Someone succinctly termed it ‘the Lagos template’ which makes a serving governor a mere figurehead.

For an ‘unpopular’ opposition party to import the unholy ‘Lagos template’ and hoist it over a ruling party, numerous devilish schemes, not excluding lies, brazen massive vote buying and thuggery, will obviously come into play to arm-twist the electorate and finally twist the will of the people, having shamefully realised that the people have long ago lost confidence in the APC.

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It is therefore imperative that as a means to forestalling this impending ‘takeover’, Edo people should as they did back in 2020, speak with one voice, a voice of love for their dear state.

The good people of Edo State desirous of continuation of unsurpassed infrastructural and human capital development in a secure and serene environment free from intimidation and gaslighting, should seize this moment in time to mobilise themselves and rally round Governor Obaseki and his party, the PDP.

This is not a time for sentiment, but a time for action. It is a time to think Edo and protect what makes Edo tick.

Edo is swinging on a sling, dangling to and from between the good on one side, and the poised predators gasping after her common treasury on the other side. Edo is dangling and is tilting, with the children of light and the children of darkness both jumping to take a firm grasp. May the children of light come out victorious this Saturday through PDP.

Jay Ikebuaso is a Special Assistant to Governor Obaseki