As Nigeria bids farewell to President Muhammadu Buhari, the country welcomes a new leader, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who will take the reins of the nation’s governance. This transition of power marks a significant moment in Nigeria’s history, and it is important to reflect on the accomplishments of President Buhari’s administration, as well as consider the vision and promises of President Tinubu.

During his tenure, President Buhari was committed to fighting corruption and addressing the security challenges plaguing the country. His administration launched several anti-corruption campaigns, which led to the arrest and prosecution of several high-profile officials, recovering stolen funds and assets. Additionally, his efforts to address the security situation in the country by increasing military spending and taking a harder stance against extremist groups helped to reduce incidences of terrorism and violence.

However, President Buhari’s administration also faced several criticisms, including the weak state of the economy and his perceived inability to address the country’s political and religious divisions. Many Nigerians perceived Buhari’s leadership to be lacking and called for a change in leadership to address these challenges.

Many Nigerians believed that President Buhari’s policies resulted in the country’s underdevelopment, taking the country many years backward. Some of his economic policies left many Nigerians in an impoverished state worse than they were before this administration.

Also, his slow response to communal conflicts between herders and farmers, particularly in north central Nigeria, led to the loss of lives, displacement, and economic damage, not to mention his recent Naira redesign policy, which has resulted in slow growth in the economy, leaving many Nigerians stranded without cash.

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His economic policies have led to a decline in foreign investment, increased inflation, a drop in GDP growth, and an increased debt burden which has risen to over N70 trillion.

Enter President Tinubu. During his campaign, Tinubu promised to build a strong, united, and prosperous Nigeria that reflects the dreams and aspirations of all Nigerians. He promises to create jobs, improve healthcare, education, and infrastructure, and tackle the issue of insecurity head-on.

As a former governor and senator, it is hoped that his experience in politics will give him an advantage in navigating the complexities of governing Nigeria. His vision of inclusive governance, where every Nigerian can contribute to the country’s development, is a refreshing change.

As President Tinubu takes office, it is essential to offer him our support and hold him accountable for his promises. The task ahead is enormous, and it will require collaboration, cooperation, and a shared commitment to building a better nation. It is time for every Nigerian to come together and work with President Tinubu toward achieving a strong, united, and prosperous Nigeria.

In conclusion, Nigeria is bidding farewell to President Buhari and welcoming a new era under President Tinubu. President Tinubu’s promises and vision give hope for a brighter future, but it is essential for every Nigerian to play their part in achieving it. We must work together towards the common goal of building a stronger, united, and prosperous Nigeria.