… Chief Agbonifo Enaruna, son of Enaruna of Uselu of the Great Benin Kingdom, better known as Idemudia, a most celebrated actor in the popular television series Hotel De Jordan has passed on.

Idemudia died in his 80s. He featured in the Hotel De Jordan series on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). He was most appreciated for his lovely clowning communication and performances.

According to Starconnect Media, Hotel De Jordan started precisely in 1973 on the Midwest Television (MTV), which later became NTA Benin, following the take over of all television stations by the Federal Government.

Hotel De Jordan was broadcast on the Nigerian Television Authority channels 6, 7 and 9 Benin City in the then Midwest/ Bendel State.

Hotel De Jordan was a popular sitcom. Joe Ihonde created and produced the show. The theme of the show was to expose the class struggle of the rich, the poor, and the opportunist clique that feed on national resources.

Hotel De Jordan was a metamorphosis of Jonathan Ihonde initiative in the pioneering of a drama group in 1971 which included artistes like Raymond Dokpesi, proprietor of African Independent Television (AIT), Monday, now Nosakhare Isekhure, the Itsekhure of Benin Kingdom and one Pius Oleghe a product of University of Ibadan and contemporary of Wole Soyinka.etc.

They rehearsed at the defunct Emotan Hotel where they were discovered and invited to Nigerian Television Benin by a British man named Mr. Jarvis, the first manager of the station who was lodging at the hotel at that time. Owing to the fact that the genesis of the group was in a hotel, its name was subsequently influenced, hence, the naming of the programme Hotel De Jordan, when they got an outlet in the television.

Recall that during an interview session with Idemudia in 2022, anchored by Enofe Igbinomwanhia, aka Akpaka 99, on the Talent Inborn Entertainment (TIE) ‘Inota’ platform, a platform to celebrate talented in-born entertainers, Akpaka stressed that Idemudia did.not bring stain or disgrace to the Edo people, but only brought honour to the Edo land during his work time.

Chief Agbonifo Enaruna, Idemudia of Hotel De Jordan

When asked on his journey thus far, Idemudia said; “The journey is very far, but only God controls the journey, otherwise, it is not easy at all, because you’ll do different kind of things in the world.”

Idemudia stated that he started his professional career when he was still young, “I started alone, then one of my friends, Benson Igben, joined me in duet as singers in organizations’ end of year parties, as well as acted scripts after studying and memorizing them,” he narrated.

Idemudia did not fail to mention their mentor, Ikponmwosa Osemwengie, a play writer for most of their major acting characters like Ife, a Benin traditional story, among other.

According to Idemudia, “The meeting where we starred really was at Eghosasere rehearsal at Benin Banquet School along Mission Road, Benin City, where one late Chief Solomon Ogbodu, the President of Eghosasere Organization, seeing us remarked that we are not materials to be wasted.”

On his featuring in Hotel De Jordan, Idemudia posited that Hotel De Jordan started 1973. He revealed that he has several popular Benin albums and confirmed that singing took him farther in his career than acting.

Suffice to mention that Idemudia represented our great nation Nigeria; With Ikponmwosa Osewengie and others, at the then Bendel state, first represented Nigeria in 1969 at Algiers 69, when himself and his friend did a duet. As a singer, he has represented Nigeria in so many countries, and as a group, the Edo cultural group to countries like Ethiopa, East and Western Europe where he performed and interacted with distinguished world leaders and personalities and received international honours. Notably, Idemudia and Benson led Nigeria’s contigent to America, where he shook hands with and hugged the then President Clinton.

He emphasized that in his times, he would compose a song for every event. He urged talented and upcoming singers to be more focused.

On acting, Idemudia declared that he entered the Hotel De Jordan through NTA’s drama unit on invitation, and on arrival he was auditioned. He exposed that the writer of the program gave him the name “Idemudia”, which was the role he played. He recounted that he wrote many of the Hotel De Jordan’s songs, while himself and Kokori (of blessed memory) would also put together songs presented to them by other writers.

On monetary encouragement at Hotel De Jordan, he opined that they were not mindful of the.money, though they were paid, their focus was on their job. “The interest, and the exposure we received were more than the money,” he added.

Aside acting and singing, Idemudia was a professional welder and blacksmith. He remarked that he owned his welding workshop before the Nigerian civil war, and was the only welder between Uselu and Iyaro in Benin City then at Ero’s palace compound, and as a blacksmith, he was most sourced for by clients.

In summary, Idemudia was creative in songs, acting, welding and in blacksmiths works. As a welder, he was a staff with the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

On his trip and stay in America, Idemudia disclosed that, “It was a good trip. Even when I arrived America, I didn’t have problem with my documentation.

“I started working in the District of Columbia Prison. I was among those incharge of giving inmates food. I worked at the prison for years and then was transferred to the hospital and retired at Doctor’s Community Hospital in Maryland.”

Idemudia was a christian and attended St. Peter’s Anglican School, Iyaro in Benin City, Edo State. Until his demise he was a faithful believer who fellowshipped at Ogbomwan Church at Uwelu, Benin City. “I believed so much in Christ, and Christ is the ultimate,” Idemudia declared.


“My children took after my acting and singing profession, my last daughter is a singer and has launched her album, and I am happy,” he added.

On present day works, Idemudia noted that actors and singers are improving, and he emphasized that, “You have technology different from our time.”

When asked if he would want to feature in present day acting, Idemudia enthused, “Acting is God’s gift and God’s controlled,”

Idemudia acted with hilarious characters like Sam Osamede as Chief Ajas, Musa Yusufu as Lord Mayor, Richard Idubor as Bob Allan, David Ariyo as Kokori, Joseph Edobor as Okhue, O’Ray Slater as Casino Manager, Sam Loco Efe as Chief Ukatabribri, Emma Oni as Osiobaifo, and others.

Members of cast such as Kokori (David Ariyo); Okhue (Joseph Edobor); Casino Manager (O’Ray Slater) and Chief Ukatabribri (Sam Loco Efe) had passed on.

The passing of Idemudia is a markdown to the entertainment and culture industry in Edo state and Nigeria at large.