The Commandant of the Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (NASEME) Auchi, Major General Adeyinka Adereti, has urged students of the institution to apply discipline towards their academics as their actions and inactions could cause great damage to the institution.

Major General Adereti stated this during the inauguration ceremony of the Officers Armament and Instrument Course (OAIC) 25/23 and Armoured Fighting Maintenance Vehicle Soldiers Course 23/23.

Speaking at the ceremony, he said that the course is designed to expose the students to the general principles of the fields and it is expected that they can effectively meet up with maintenance and repair problems when the need arises.

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He further added that they would be required to carry out technical and administrative projects before the end of the course and therefore enjoined the students to maintain a high level of participation, dedication, and attention throughout the course.

Major General Adereti further reiterated that the relationship with civilians and other security agencies around Auchi has been cordial and pledged to sustain it and advised the students to be conscious of all actions within and outside the institution.

“You are to ensure that your accommodation area is neatly kept to prevent any outbreak of infection or diseases”, he added.