Ahead of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence anniversary on Sunday, 1st October, the Senate has said it has been so far, so fair for the country in its journey of nationhood.

The Senate, in its assessment of the country’s self-governance in the last 63 years and togetherness of its heterogenous peoples, said though the lofty ideas and ideals of nationhood held by its foremost leaders at independence are yet to be fully attained, the country still is a working project.

Making the assessment on behalf of the Senate at a special interview session in his office on Thursday, the Chairman, Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Yemi Adaramodu (APC-Ekiti South), said Nigeria’s successes in its journey of nationhood in the last 63 years far outweigh its failures.

He, however, said the country needs to get leadership issue more correctly for the required acceleration in the journey of nationhood.

“The past of Nigeria, like those of other countries or anything or persons, cannot be perfect but its future is very bright,” Adaramodu said.

“Having survived her turbulent past, what Nigeria requires now from both leaders and the led is patriotism which can only be driven by positive mindset of every Nigerian to the Nigeria Project.

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“Re-orientation is key for all, in doing the right thing at all times in whatever capacity and not the wrong things.

“Followership determines quality of leadership in any country or society, the very reason Nigerians need to make their leaders accountable to them by not demanding for stomach infrastructure as against good governance.

“When followers are upright and asking for accountability at all levels of governance, the leaders will surely sit up and the society would be better for it in terms of genuine development.

“From the Senate, it’s a big congratulation to Nigeria and Nigerians on the 63 years of independence and nationhood journey which, by all indices and realities on ground, is a country to reckon with in Africa and the world.

“The Eagle (Nigeria) will surely keep flying and flying higher without her wings clipped in any way,” he said.

Adaramodu added that since the country is divinely exempted from natural disasters, the human-invented ones like insurgency, consequential kidnapping, etc would be things of the past in no distant time since government is working round the clock to rid the society of criminal elements.