Traders, customers, bus and taxi drivers have developed the habit of consciously littering the Benin City environment with food waste and urine, a recent survey by the Nigerian Observer has revealed.

The Oba, Vegetables and Ekiosa markets are very popular markets in Benin City, but quite dirty with plenty of waste.

Vegetables market located along airport road in Benin City is a place where residents could get fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and a lot more. Our observation shows that the waste management in this market needs to be reviewed as currently, its improper management has led to offensive odor, thus affecting traders and their customers.

In an interaction with the Nigerian Observer, Isichei Becky Nkiruka, a small business owner at Oba market stated that the indiscriminate urination around the market is further compounded by the fact that the toilets are not free, as each user pays N50 to urinate, and N100 to defecate.

Our findings also showed that bus and taxi drivers as well as owners of private vehicles have developed the habit of urinating by the road side or any available space when there is urge to answer the call of nature and this has contributed to the increasing offensive odor in the market and elsewhere.

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She added that the trash collectors have never failed to do their jobs during these times as she has been in the market for a while, noting that they come in the morning and also in the evening to collect the waste.

She attributed the challenge to market women who are fond of dumping the wastes anywhere.

“This market place is filthy due to the inefficient waste disposal system by the market women and offensive odor from the waste affects families living nearby,” she said.

She encouraged market women to endeavor to dispose of their waste properly before the arrival of the refuse collectors so as to keep the environment clean.