The governors of the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria have been urged to target mass employing projects to address insecurity in the region.

The Mayor of Housing, who has been crowned the Mayor of Peace by a UN-recognised organization, My-ACE China, said in Port Harcourt at a housing forum that he and others in the real estate business contribute to peace in the region because housing estates offer security and peace far above the need for beauty.

Mr. China, who is a real estate strategist, also revealed the underlining success factor of the estate housing system

Mr. China spoke after being crowned Mayor of Peace by the United Nations Polac Foundation in consonance with the UN General Assembly Declaration for Peace and Non-Violence, which celebrated 2023 International Day of Peace with the theme, ‘Actions for Peace: ‘Our Ambition for the @Global Goals’.

According to Mr. China, profit drives everything and that when people generate profit, they tend to be happy and happy people hardly want to disturb the peace.

Speaking after the award, he said he has always acted as the Mayor of Housing and that he would keep acting so.

“I always sought for peace, and even won the Niger Delta Peace Award in 2022. I have been standing for peace,” he said.

The Mayor of Housing said host communities can bear witness to his activities in places where he built estates. “I have stood for peace anywhere I work. I support the youth in Alesa Eleme in Eleme Logal Government Area where we have a project. I am the first developer in their community to enact a peace keeping security corps for the project site. We thus promote peace around the project site.”

On his message to the Niger Delta people, he urged the state governments to pursue productivity because “I have never seen anyone pursing productivity that stirs trouble where he works. Everybody wants to earn daily bread.

“To promote peace, promote productivity. The youths form the highest population segment of Nigeria. If they are productive, they will pay less attention to trouble. Let the Government promote job creation to reduce conflict.”

The new Mayor of Peace who has made waves in Port Harcourt by huge investments in the housing sector as well as in the entertainment industry said it was the best way to reduce insecurity and promote peace.

The Mayor of Housing (now Mayor of Peace), made it clear that Nigerian youths want to use their energy to earn profit. “So, government should focus on projects that absorb more youths, thereby making them happy. Earners are happy people.”

Explaining the reasons, the Registrar/Director of Programmes, UN-POLAC, Amb Pat Agu, said UN-POLAC, an international autonomous institution, a peace advocacy organization that came to bear following the UN General Assembly’s resolution declaring 2001-2010 as a decade of peace and non-violence, saw the activities of the Mayor of Housing in promoting in Nigeria.

She declared: “POLAC has noted with huge admiration the activities of the Mayor of Housing (Mr My-ACE China) in the housing sector which have created an environment of peace. His activities have promoted affordable housing, encouraged job and wealth creation and led to measurable poverty reduction.”

She said the group is recognised by the UN and that their mandate is to enhance the effectiveness of the United Nations Medium-Term Development Goals (UN MDG’s) now Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), and UNESCO Culture of Peace Project, particularly the maintenance of peace and security and restoration of human dignity.”