The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has advised the public over fake online auctions conducted in its name, saying that those activities are scams meant to deprive them of hard-earned money. NCS made this known following the frequent floating of auctions on different social media handles, for which many unsuspecting Nigerians have fallen victims to the scams.

“Recent events have brought to our attention a surge in scams orchestrated by deceitful individuals impersonating high-ranking officials within the NCS. These fraudulent tactics exploit the public’s trust, promoting fictitious auctions and sham recruitment drives purportedly endorsed by our service.

“All seized/overtime goods have laid down Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for disposal in line with the Nigeria Customs Service Act, 2023. While these items might be in our custody, NCS officials are only authorized to conduct auctions or recruitment with the requisite legal backing in line with our processes and procedures.

“The NCS unequivocally asserts that auctions of seized goods are never conducted via any social media platform. Any such claims on social media should be treated as fraudulent and promptly reported.

NCS urged Nigerians to verify information on its website or through +2347037891156 which is a dedicated line to address the concerns of Nigerians relating to the activities of the NCS.

Nigerians on X formerly Twitter, have commended the Nigeria Customs Service for the sensitisation noting that such a move will save Nigerians from the fraudulent people parading themselves on social media as NCS’ representatives.

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A Tweep, who goes by Abiodun on his X handles narrated how he saved another Nigerian from being duped by online scammers.

He said: “I saved someone from this scammer, who posted an auction of cars in the guise of working for the Nigerian customs, I’m a clearing agent at Tincan Island Apapa.”

Another Tweep wanted the NCS to deploy their intelligence gathering to pick up those responsible from causing disrepute to the organisation.

“There’s a lady that has been doing that for ages. Get her now if you have not,” a Tweep who goes by the name, Ayemojuba said.

“Our commitment remains unwavering in protecting the public from fraudulent activities. We implore everyone to exercise vigilance and prudence when approached with offers or announcements regarding Customs auctions or recruitment,” NCS added.