The article by Aluokas Writers that accuses Mr Olumide Osaigbovo Akpata of stealing the catchphrase “Who’s Your Guy” is a baseless and malicious attack on his reputation. The truth is that the catchphrase was actually stolen from Mr Akpata.

As can be verified, the “Who’s Your Guy” catchphrase is a registered trademark owned by the musician, Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, also known as Spyro. Mr Olumide Akpata, a respected commercial lawyer, demonstrated integrity by conducting due diligence. He sought legal advice and approached Spyro and his management to obtain permission to use the catchphrase and song in his campaign, showcasing a commitment to respecting intellectual property rights.

This impeccable conduct as described above, shows Mr Akpata’s integrity, professionalism, and respect for intellectual property rights. He did not act in a sneaky or dishonest manner but rather sought the consent of Spyro and his management before using their creative work in his campaign.

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The faceless and cowardly authors of the article, titled “Questionable Integrity: Akpata’s Leadership Candidacy Under Scrutiny”, should let the world know whether their paymaster, who has been unmasked as being behind the billboards, took similar measures or acted with regard to intellectual property rights. As a matter of fact, I have it on good authority that their paymaster was made aware that Mr Akpata owned exclusive rights to the catchphrase “Who’s Your Guy,” but in a move that depicts rascality, he went ahead to use it.

Moreover and even more concerning, when the paymaster behind the billboard realised that Mr Olumide Akpata rightfully owned the exclusive rights to the ”Who’s Your Guy” catchphrase, his response revealed a concerning lack of adaptability and intellectual capacity. Rather than pivot to a new slogan or catchphrase, he persisted in using the appropriated catchphrase, demonstrating a clear inability to respond to challenges with the elasticity of thought. This demonstrated lack of intellectual capacity raises serious questions about the paymaster’s suitability for leadership in a state as vast and intricate as Edo. A leader must possess the acumen to navigate complex situations, and persisting in wrongdoing despite being informed reflects a concerning deficiency in the ability to make informed and strategic decisions for the betterment of the state. Edo State deserves a leader with the intellect and adaptability to meet the challenges of governance effectively.

Mr Akpata’s global credibility, thought leadership and forthright nature make him the ideal leader for Edo State. His front-runner status for the Labour Party’s gubernatorial ticket reflects the discernment of party members, and the increasing support from Edo voters is a testament to his qualities. Attempts to tarnish his reputation with paid hacks won’t alter the fact that he is the genuine “GUY” needed in this crucial moment for Edo State and the good and discerning people of Edo State recognise him as their GUY.