My pipo l jolificate with all of us say no one kpai befor today and l kukuma no say baba God wey nor him pikins dem no go let de evil ones delete us or even allow us with awa own hands come delete awa selves. As TATAFO maestro, l suffry open my ear and come spread de signals make l for no disconnect from mata wey de shele for area or areas around us. And as for dat kain talent all of us no say baba God no de ever fall person hand, abi na lie?

Anyways, l nor no weda una don siddon ever reason some kain mata wey concern all of us like spiritual person, afta downloading one tumbler of tombo with koret bushmeat? Anyways, l nor say no be everybodi de like to connect with tombo but anything you fit use take connect with wetin l wan yarn so, you beta hollam strong near your side ooh!!!

All of us nor say dis country no be like as awa grand papas and grand mamas dem de take am take boast, even nack hand for chest join de talk about am and how person fit sleep open door dose days and kasala no go burst and say omila nor b go strike. Again we all so nor say tins wey don kpafuka for awa contri full everi wia around us like flies.

If all of us use awa eyes pass everi area for awa contri, we sef go nor say awa contri need all of us to helep am breath, odawise, na de journey to yamutu e de so. De quesion now be say, how and which kain level we all fit take helep am?

As for me sha, l go talk my own and l not go bend mouth talk am. True true, na how to solve de poblems be de one wey concern me, and dat solution na film. Una fit de tink say l don level kolos inside my brain, as l de yan say film fit helep awa contri from the serious dysentery wey e get. O yes! Na me nack my chest talk am say film na one area wey we fit use to helep awa contri. I nor say plenty areas jabrata to still use to helep awa poor contri make e no go yamutu, but na wia de pain person him de put for near fire.

For una winchi mind na, l no say una go don de reason me say, how person wan take go watch film for cinema, or inside him house and Nija wahala don solve just like dat or kukuma even delete? Very simple na. Just relax any how you fit take relax and reason with me before you come reason me.

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Shebi all of us no say, pipo wey go skool de always yan say film de release entertainment, de release informate and also de release educate for inside pipo belle wey de watch am like who chop winch? True true nor be lie at all! Oyinbo quick no de importance of film and quick quick, like pikin wey set smoke for rabbit hole, dem use am take colonize us. De also use dis same film to bulldoze awa culture, use am take show us who be Jesus so tey so tey we begin hang de pishur of de actor wey act Jesus for awa church, inside we office and house. Yet you say you neva nor how film wan take helep awa contri? Just wait. Like Abami eda, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, talk am for him musik, “I de come”.

If we still rememba wella, and we take style go check de pishur wey pipo dem take dat time with pinhole camera, we go see say na buba and shoro, wrappers, agbada we all de wear, but nawadays, film don turn awa belle upside down reach say, who wear dose Kain dress nawadays na mugu, while if you wear jeans, polo, suit on suit, pens trousers with tie for ya shirt, pipo go see you as koret guy man. What about awa girls and even married women? Dia dress worse pass wetin craze person de wear. You go see inside dia yansh, dia breast go almost wan fall comot from dia cochet. Now near me and reason with me; were you tink say all dis copy copy by awa pipo from come? Inside film.

So dia for, if oyinbo fit use film to meskaform awa brain, we too fit still use am to rearrange our kolomenta style of living. Dis one only mean say awa film pipo need to siddon and reason the tins on tins wey fit helep awa brain to come fit helep awa contri. If you de watch awa films, which dress and food plus even language e de promote, Oyinbo own. Na only awa historical films de show how we suppose de live but even inside many, you go see kings and queens de use fork and knife to choplate awa almighty pounded yam with ogbono soup. How na!

If film pipo wan to use tins on tins as far as filmmaking de, na for dem to begin reason how to helep awa culture for inside dia films to make all of us de see bribery and corruption as taboo with koret penarity, wey even fit be to delete dose kain pipo. Na for dem to begin use dia films to helep awa contri pipo to begin see awa native dress as the main tin as NTA de do am dat year with agbada or buba & shoro for de man wey read de tory for television and de woman with gele on top native blouse.

If awa film nor fit sell dis area of awa culture, na who wan come helep us? India, France and many oda contris no de spoke English except dia own language, why we nor fit use awa own English, wey de same Oyinbo de reason and see less less come even de call am broken or pidgin English?

Many tins de wey awa film pipo fit use film koret. If una look awa contri, e come be like say we go select craze pipo wey don wako finish to come be awa politicians wey de rule us. Tatafo belif say awa film pipo fit use film take cure awa politician, awa polis, soja, custom, bus/trailer drivers, agberos, and immigration. Ha! God Abeg oooo! I be don forget to add de almighty gburugburu of dem all, wey we be call NEPA dat year. If awa film pipo fit use film to cure dis pipo, naim be say awa contri fit breath. Na de way to reason dis mata be dat and I hope with dis few points of mine, l de able to convince you and not to confuse you, dat all of us de craze for dis contri. If e pain you come beat me for my house.