International president of the Christian Central Chapel International, Bishop Emmah Isong, has advised against wrong interpretation and implementation of the “no gree for anybody” slogan.

Bishop Isong made this known in an address he presented in an event to mark this year’s National Religious Freedom Day with the theme: Empowering youths for Religious Coexistence (Building Bridges as Breaking Barriers).

Bishop Isong, who is also the Executive Director, Remedy for Victims of Religious Prosecution and Discrimination Initiative, said people should agree on peaceful coexistence and workable methods of best practices.

The slang, ‘no gree for anybody,’ is not a totally red flag, however, people must be careful with their interpretation and implementation of it especially in avoiding seeing it as a ticket for violence and selfishness where peace and love should reign.

“Husbands and wives, partners and friends, bosses and subordinates can agree on peaceful coexistence and workable methods of best practices,” Bishop Isong said.

He also disclosed that people can coexist based on three platforms namely Adam (humanity), Nation (patriotism) and Abraham (Religion).

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According to Bishop Isong, religion and ethnicity in themselves are not harmful until a politician, clergy or business mogul decides to use them with a clandestine plan or ulterior motive to achieve an evil or terrorist agenda.

He said youths should be educated and not indoctrinated, and that religious leaders in mosques/churches should change their messages of hate and doctrine of infidel/blasphemy always labelled against other faiths.

Also speaking, Imam Shefiu Abdulkarim, a co-speaker and Chief Imam of the Islamic Platform Society of Nigeria, said no one can be an ambassador of peace if he does not learn about it.

He disclosed that religion should not be taught at the extreme level because with this one cannot be a peace ambassador.

On her part, Ann Mesembe, the American Space Director, said the essence of the programme is to educate our youths and break religious barriers, as every individual has the right to choose the religion they want to belong.