The essence of democracy is no longer just a government of the people, by the people and for the people as postulated by Abraham Lincoln. But democracy has nowadays been expanded due to the dynamics and socio-transformational level of societal changes in relation to 21st Century fundamental requirements for ethical practice of good governance if democracy is to be sustained in such society overtime.

The place of good governance in relation to true democracy in this 21st Century is beginning to witness so many twists and turns, especially with the advents of technocrats who are usually qualified and trained specialists in certain utilitarian fields of human endeavors with positive track records to show from their wealth of knowledge, skills, dexterity, business acumen, administrative ingenuity, board room sagacity and intellectual mobility overtime, all of which naturally stems from such individuals’ God-given talents, gifts, character, capacity, competence and sincerity of purpose which institutions, firms, corporate bodies, organisations and governance needs to consistently thrive in modern day society.

Such rare sterling qualities cannot and may not easily be found in the DNA & RNA of a Conventional Politician, especially from this social clime where greedy, little or no integrity as well as inhumanity become the most prevalent qualities that such personalities are usually known for, except for a few who may choose to distinguish themselves from the majority of such politicians.

The above assertion is not far from International Political Comparisons of ” a Effective Working System run by Technocrats” when compared to a “Creeping or Dysmal System Run by a Conventional Politician” with no high technological IQ or Administrative Wisdom that is need to meet certain top notch standards of how system ought to run in relation to Modern Day practice, as observed by Achemogu & Robinson (1960) in their book “Why Nations Fail”.

Dr. Asue Ighodalo is currently the “New Wave” which stresses the need for “Continuity of Good Governance as well as Sustainability of Democracy in Edo State”, judging from His Decades of Positive Economic Impact to several multinational organisations and the Nigerian Society at large when compared to other Conventional Political Aspirants whose trajectories are mostly known for mere political romance with different political administrations and parties with no productive working experience or Economic Ideas on how to make institutions and Edo State more functional, simply because most of them lack Business Acumen, Administrative Dexterity and Utilitarian Ideas on how the Edo and Nigerian Society should thrive using Qualitative Templatesand Models to predict the future which Edo People no longer want to be part of due to the consistent nature of failure in leadership from Conventional Politicians overtime, from this Social Clime.

Dr. Asue Ighodalo unarguably is the Cynosure of All Eyes in Edo Currently which is why his Rich Academic Background, Administrative Portfolio, Economic Proficiency, Political Viability and Intimidating Profile are currently making several aspirants step down their political ambitions just to support His “Utilitarian Template of Ai” in Moving Edo to Greater & Better Heights if given the mandate to Lead Edo State in 2024.

This is the singular reason Edo People should and cannot afford to cede their precious votes to a conventional Politician who cannot be able to help them realise their dreams, dire needs, aspirations and genuine wishes for a more Prosperous Edo Society due to the selfish, wicked and greedy nature of most of these Conventional Politicians who are never tired of “either contesting elections or running their greedy political marathon races overtime due to their overblotted senses of entitlement which do not reflect the Hope and Benefit of Edo People”.

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Moreover, Edo as the Cradle of Black Civilisation needs not just a mere Politician but a “21st Democratic Sui Generis Personality and Productive Brain Box like Dr. Asue Ighodalo” who has all it takes to continue the good works of their current Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki whose introduction of “e-governance to Edo can only be sustained with the MEGA CONSOLIDATION of Ai Governance” which will in turn take Edo to Greater and Further Heights in the Map of Global Recognition amongst Comity of Democratic States in relation to 21st Century Standard Governance, which cannot come from a conventional Politician, many of whom can be very greedy and not just insubordinate to their bosses even to Edo People if such mistake is made for them to be Governor”

My Dear Good People of Edo State, this is the reason all well meaning Edolites Should come together to Endorse, Support and Nominate Dr. Asue Ighodalo whose good records and growing popularity in Edo State would help bring a RELOADED MEGA CONSOLIDATION OF 21ST CENTURY GOOD GOVERNANCE which their current Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki has introduced to Edo State which is nouvelle and productive in all ramifications.

Truly, Edo Can become GREATER, BRIGHTER & BETTER from Ai Governance, when we all Support DR. ASUE IGHODALO to Succeed Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki who is currently Finishing Well and Strong

Therefore Let us STEP INTO THE ERA OF “Ai Governance and Aim Higher Together”

…N’Edo Ghama Nimahia…

Obayuwana, a socio-political commentator, writes from Benin City