The University of Benin, Ekehuan campus, became a hotbed of unrest on Monday morning, 6:30am to 10:45 am, as students took to the streets of Ekehuan and environs, in protest against the unending power outage plaguing the hostels.

According to the Deputy Mayoress of the girls’ hostel, the lack of electricity power supply, had been a persistent issue, causing frustration to mount among the student body.

As tensions escalated, the situation nearly turned violent when the gates to the girls’ hostel remained firmly shut, preventing the female students from joining the demonstration. This action fueled the fury of the male students, intensifying the protest.

In the midst of the turmoil, the students rallied behind a leader who took charge of the demonstration, effectively voicing their collective discontent.

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However, as the situation threatened to spiral out of control, the mayoress promptly intervened, reaching out to the Student Union Government (SUG) and other executives at the main Ugbowo campus to address the crisis.

Within thirty minutes, the SUG and other officials arrived at the Ekehuan campus, and through diplomatic dialogue, they managed to diffuse the escalating tension. Swift action followed as the authorities promptly restored electricity to the campus, bringing an end to the turmoil.

The resolution of this protest not only highlights the power of student activism but also underscores the critical role of effective leadership within the university community.