Anoda wikend don land and l no say if l ask una werin una keep for me, teeth go de nack each oda as grama go de ova take grama on to say, naija mata don turn doble wahala for dead bodi plus de owner of dead bodi. Anyway sha, las las na of all us go still chop breakfast. Before l take us on dis jolly wakabout, una nor say l must first ask us weda, we well, weda we don chop and weda we de happy. Anyways, if all de three tins l ask una get k-leg, na normal bcos, even naija as a contri no well and de hungry plus say e no kukuma de happy…,in it!

All of us no say as our contri be so, na de philosophy of raise-am raise-am, de carry all of us de go odawise, we all for don loss for dis road of awa journey to no wia.., in it! De first tin we all must to do na to raise awa brain and also raise awa eyes so dat we no go loss for dis awa waka even doo we not no wia we de go. Na to use strong mind take enta de road to survival. As for me sha, l don raise-am raise-am since and cum wear de polo wia de write in kapita Leta “NO GREE FOR ANYBODY”. If you like go de meskaform and cum fall ya hand for ground yakata, na you sabi. Afta all, if mogu nor fall guy man nor go fit chop…, in it!

See as una just open una okpolo eyes de look me like magician wey de wan shout abracadabra. Anyways, wetin l de yan cum since reach to arrange una mind like dat. But true true, una neva notice say everi wia nawadays for awa contri you go de see posta and banner with big big MASTER CLASS for film pipo, for una wey de find work, for who wan rich quick quick, for who wan join yahoo yahoo, for even who wan learn how to craze? If you neva see dem, naim be say you be Jonny-just-cum, or you not de waka cum out to cum hustle be dat. Dia posta and banner full everiwia as FOOD IS READ take full Edo state dat time we still be Bendel. If pipo wan from Warri or Obiaroko wan travel cum Benin, dem go say dem de go “food-is-ready. Na wia awa master class don reach be dat. If una like make una go fall mugu, las las na guy man go wak una money and still leave una with notin.

Dis tin de pain me bcos, de mata even worse for among awa film pipo and de pipo wey de do dis jangbajangba nonsense na awa film pipo plus de ones wey don do small work as waka-pass for film or with pipo wey de video de pipo wey de act for film. Dis kain tin not good na. Dat na case of 419 wey only get brain to 419 him papa plus him friends bcos him no say dem nor fit do am anytin as sombori must to helep am beg and cum put the wahala for poor devil head.

Una rememba wen for dis awa contri, all de some popula actors and pipo wey de video film pipo, cum de do audition everi day and na so all de audition de full pass market? Make una try rememba na! Ok, una still rememba wen dem still de tell dia victims wey fall mugu to de pay from 5k to kollect audition form to make dem superstar and if you wan play de main actor to pay 10-15k? Wia all of dem today? All of dem don enta beta one chance. Money gbe, superstarjam rock. Guymen smile gbese comot to anoda location. Una go fit to say wetin, no be just ordinary 5k? Times 5k with 1000 pipo first and tell me de amount. De bush allowance no de for dis money mata yet oooo!!! You nor no werin be bush allowance? Shuooo! Bush allawee na wen de nacka nack de nackee for free, OED…. In it!

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As film pipo, we all need to shine awa eyes make dorti wey fit turn person to Bambi-ala no go fall put. Make we de reason everi tin we hia and see before awa bodi begin de do us jigijigi like akwangiri bacikle. How person wey de find how him wan use him talent to make kuza go come be market for hustlers? Dat one no work na. See, as de mata don be so, make una no gree for anybodi wey wan open office for una head, in it? As actor, na ya talent plus the face and beta bodi wey baba God give you be ya original market, so dia for, no by ya hands cum loose-guard yaself for dis small time hustlers hand ooo!!!

Any wia you hia say dem de kollect kuza for audition, abeg l use ya papa and mama take beg you, find person leg borrow join ya own take gbese like Ben Johnson. Talent wey baba God give you na to take make kuza and also make pipo around and far from you take de jollificate and no be for one jobman to take open office for ya head. I no say master class no good oooo!!! Abeg, make you open ya ears wella plus shine ya okpolo eyes join wetin l wan yan you so. No be who get surplus food fit dash you food? No be who gat unbrela fit cover ya bodi from rain? Before person tell you say him wan buy koret shoe for you, first look him leg to see de kain shoe wey him wear, oda wise you wan by yaself hold pumpi take gauge ya leg cum nack de trigger oooo! At dat time you go cum see am say no be everybodi wey de shat for inside hot sun de shat wen beta rain de fall.

As pipo wey de act for film or join pipo de video dose wey de act for film, you must to ask question and find out de kain pipo wey de organise master class plus audition oooo! As for de boys, na una pocket plus enus go hear am if person like bobriski join de hustle to open office for ya head. As for de gals; make l first laugh like Kokori for Hotel De Jordan and cum round am up with Oya huuuu! As Chief Ajax de talk am. You see dat tin wey make ya chest be Manchester and de one wey de back be backasi, at de time dis hustlers don press dem finish and cum break ya side-mirror, ya value go don finish for market. Infact ya market-value no go let ya papa take bride price for ya head. I neva talk of de kuza dem go kolet from ya hand oooo!!!

All dis wan l de yan so, l no say many go say werin kocern you inside, Afta all no be my tin dem wan slack? My sista, na beta truth you release from ya mouth. No problem. Na varanda l go siddon de luk you as you de do ya kurukere waka de comot with legs wey straight like ruler, and na de same place l go still siddon wen you go waka cum back with eda k-leg, now-leg or de two put togeda.

If ya ears still de ya hear and ya eyes still de dem socket, make you hear me now and no say l no tell una oooo!!! Hustlers don full area and de organise all types of Master Classes plus audition ooooo!!! De boys, padlock ya yansh and de gals padlock ya tin as dis pipo no gat joy at all. Luk wella before you go fall enta gutta wey fit jabaru ya legs. Dis na anoda year, if you like loose-guard yaself and fall mugu for guyman to chop, no cum cry near my ears. As for me, l don put leg for teto and de raise-am raise-am. l NO GREE FOR ANYBODY DIS YEAR…, in it!