Nigerian singer, Crown Uzama, popularly known as Shallipopi, recently opened up about his apprehension towards falling in love citing the vulnerability of his heart as his primary concern. The singer expressed his fears and uncertainties surrounding matters of the heart, shedding light on the emotional challenges that accompany romantic relationships in the public eye.

He shared his personal journey through heartbreak, describing how past pain influenced him to create emotional defences, and openly admitted to maintaining loyalty in his relationships, except in cases of casual encounters.

The singer expressed these in an interview with a British media personality, Madam Joyce, where he elaborated on his strong beliefs and emphasized the consequences of dishonesty.

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“I’m a lover of love but I don’t love because of the way this generation is,” Shallipopi said on the most recent episode of The Receipts Podcast. “My heart is fragile so if someone plays with it, I will cry. Someone broke my heart in the past. We were in a relationship, then something happened and we broke up. The fault wasn’t from me.”

Shallipopi mentioned that, despite his concerns, he remains optimistic about meeting a compatible soul. He disclosed that he is currently single and not searching but “patiently waiting for somebody that can match my vibe”.