I wan to welcom all of us to anoda biutifu wikend as we pray to baba God to open awa belle to fit chopulate well, and clear awa throat to allow proper passage of de drink of awa chosen. See as una eyes don rise like fawol yansh wey briz blow. Una nor no say grama nor be any person language…, in it! Anyways, na wikend just land so, which is to say, na jollification period naim gat us. E nor easy to be a nija person and still de fit delete bills like say na normal tin, make una reason am na. I nor say una go don reason me tire on why l de ask una wetin be una dog name…, in it? No wahala.

Una go soon nor why we de talk am say wahala be like omomo bysikle. We get one popula parable wey talk say na as we take price sometin, na so we take de buy am if who de sell am agree to ya price, abi nor be so? Anoda parable still de wey talk say na as sometin take get value for ya eyes you go take nack price put…, in it? Now, my kwesion be say, wetin be ya price? Afta all ashawo gat price just like anyload also gat price. Las las una gat no why l de ask una dis kwesion. Kasala wey do burst like oil pipeline on Kuza mata over say weda who use you work no pay you or him use native knife take cut de money reach wia even you nor fit recognaz ya money.

Dis tin fit be like say e funny but de wahala wey e don cos for many workplace pass hitler war. All of us nor say kasala always de start from kwesion like, “you wan undarate me, do you nor who l be?” De oda person go com pour petro put for de fire and com ansar am say “you be Jesus?” De nex tin na Mike Tyson blow de follow am. To avoid all dis wahala, we all must learn how to name awa dog bcos, na de name you give dog e de ansar.

As person wey de do film weda as de one wey de act or the ones we de video de pipo we de act for films, if by now una neva still undastand same dis film mata na propro bizness, naim be say ya own spiritual problem na real follow-come, in it. Make una reason am na with una kro kro eyes plus open mind to really no wetin l de yan. Many pipo we de do film only de like to first see dia fine or ugly face for film and dem even enjoy more wen dem go de waka for inside hot sun and pipo go de hala dia film name come de tell dem how dem take sabi act well well. Wen dem hia all dis hailings plus say dia hailers come buy dem drinks, food plus money join, dia side don balance be dat. Wat about de ones wey de gada video de actors? Once dem de cinema or wetin dem de call primia and come see dia name as pipo we gada video de film, oh my God! Dem bodi go come begin shake like barber chair wey no balance for ground. You de ask wetin be primia abi? Go skool wella whosai, you say na to de denge pose and talk through ya nose like oyinbo wey gat catar. Anyways, primia na wia who gat de new film de first show am to only him invited pipo, and the owner of de film fit use de oppotuniti take koret any mistake wey pipo see for de film. Some still de use am kolet kuza too, in it. No worry, one day l go nack tori on only primia mata.

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Make una nor role una okpolo eyes like sughusughu, tinking say l wan fall film pipo hand yakata, nortin like dat. I only wan open awa eyes to plentifu tins about how to give beta name to awa dog so dat wen pipo call him name for outside, our belle go sweet like Esan man wey chop hot panded yam with Ogbono soup or Benin person wey just contro oghede with owo wey carry egile with ebewarie fish. If de tins l just talk konfus you, abeg use style ask any Benin person wey near you. From de way him go begin lik him lips plus rub him belle you go quick undastan… in it.

To act for film or join de pipo wey de video de film nor be bad tin as all na work but with difrent areas wia evrybodi power de. But make we take time to learn how to take de price awaself and to not come de give bad name to pipo we de haya pipo for film. If you sabi act or gada video pipo wey de act, if you good dem must to haya you. So dia for, since we not say soup wey sweet na beta money kponse am, give ya self beta price wey no go drive who wan haya ya service or come make am de feel say you de meskaform. Make you learn to put price for ya service and come add beta level join am wey go always make you stand out like iroko tree.

I de vex for belle any how wen dem go ask actor or pipo we de gada video film say, how much we go pay you and you go come de hia tins like “anytin you gat. I go act for free. I just want make pipo nor say l sabi act”. My dia, all of una wey de yan like dat, make una gada una selves come near me, make l put una head inside fridge wey NEPA neva take dia light for straight one week. Dis una so, naim de be de first pipo to complain wen una de waka unda hot sun with ya popula-jingo posing with pocket wey hat hole. If you wan act or video film pipo for free bcos say you wan gada wetin oyinbo de call “good will or credit-will”, dat one difrent as na wetin you don already plan bcos of wetin you de expect for future. Dat one nor be afamako work but propro investment.

So, my pipo, na as we take arrange awa bed we go take sleep on top am. Na de name wey you give dog pipo go de call ya dog. So dia for, make you de plan de kain money you go talk if dem ask you before you leave ya house go attend audition. Let “l go act for free” spirit of demon vanish from ya head today, but if e still de, come meet me make l soak ya head inside fridge wey NEPA neva take light put for one week. I swear, dat demon go get bow-leg and naim e go take gbese leave you. I fit use hand nack chest now say, If l ask you my kwesion, you go ansar am one time. WETIN BE YA DOG NAME? See ya next week. In it!