The Ighodalo Choice 2024 is a concept borne out of a strong desire by the duo of Dr. Peter Uwaibi and Barrister Nicholas Omhenke to chart the course of a new governmental direction for the advancement of socioeconomic agro-technologically based developmental research programmes.

The diasporas/national members of Ighodalo Choice 2024 strongly believe in the notion that success must be driven and anchored on the course of good governance, designed to provide economic stability and propel the much-needed auspicious ground for unrestricted growth. It is therefore their feverish hope that the rest of our people become favourably inclined to support this course anchored on voting and believing in Barr Asue Ighodalo an accomplished versatile administrator.

According to the group, in the period Governor Godwin Obaseki has been in office, they have noticed an overwhelming reception at the sheer will of the man to drive targeted reforms especially to reform, modernise and digitalise the state civil service to the envy of other state governments.

The state under Obaseki’s watch, the group said, has impacted a special guide to attract both national and international investments opportunities by establishing a special office, ESIPO, to facilitate and expedite projects implementation.

The Obaseki government has successfully addressed the insecurity that once plagued the state, by empowering the people’s vigilante groups which have, no doubt, hard-nosed the crime rate in the state.

“The Obaseki government has relentlessly pursued areas that invariably alienate food problems, by encouraging farming and providing farmlands to farmers, while boosting production growth of cassava in the state to over 200-million tonnes yearly. Other food items like rice, plantain, yam have all noticed realistic raised production levels,” the group said.

It also applauded the high educational standards of teachers and pupils monitored by the introduction of EdoBEST.

The group further stated that Edo State is enjoying better electricity supply and the innovative Business Process and Outsourcing (BPO) and the Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) introduced by the government have created job opportunities for the young people.

“Pensioners are not left out in these state reforms as they are now enjoying their regular payments without any form of bureaucratic red tapes. Obaseki has done extremely well. Voters should be mindful of who their elected leaders should be.

“To maintain a robust economic growth, voters must elect men of high selfless administrative capacity, with the ambitious drive to uplift and improve the living standards of its people,” the group said.

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It commended the PDP for selecting Dr. Ighodalo, an admirable candidate of resounding resume with a renowned reputation for delivering on set goals and campaign promises.

“As Edo people, this is the time to reignite the pursuits of our noble objectives. The promises of our past leaders have turned out to be nothing more than a mere hocus-pocus, a deceptive brouhaha,” it said.

The group described Barr Ighodalo as a result-based man of high mental discernment with an adduced commitment to exceptional leadership and who is poised to tackle and eradicate the menace of corruption, erase sectional preferences, favouritism and clannishness, with the determination to run a government of inclusiveness.

No doubt, Nigerians in diaspora are invaluable to the political dispensation at home. Nigerians in diaspora went overseas only to equip themselves with relevant training and experiences necessary to develop their home state. Most of them in diaspora have had to stay back endlessly because the political climate in Nigeria is still very rough, turbulent and unsettled.

Diaspora’s therefore continue to disseminate funds to friends and families back home in Nigeria, to enable them cope with the severe hardship they may be experiencing at home and to enlighten them to distant themselves from money-induced political votes.

As the 2024 governorship election gradually draws close, INEC, the election umpire, and the security agencies are expected to rearrange and reposition their departmental security apparatuses to enable them combat any unexpected disastrous eventualities.

“We in the diaspora will invite international electioneering observers to monitor the entire process of the elections. Elections are conducted to entrench democratic norms and principles. Instead of strengthening the democratic processes we are ceaselessly being bamboozled by this silly APC government captions of fight against corruption, a comic slogan used to capitulate and misdirect the minds of the vulnerable people,” the group said.

One of the founding coordinators of the group, Barr. Omhenke, stated that in all, PDP, which is the dominant political party in the state, demonstrated and maintained maximum professionalism in the conduct of its primaries, while the likes of APC and LP were merely pretentious.

“APC is largely dependent on the massive rigging efforts that will be signalled from the central APC government of ‘Emi lo kan’. The Labour Party is posting one of Tinubu’s APC stooges to destabilise the party in Edo State,” he said.

The chief coordinator of the group, Dr Uwaibi, said the only choice in the race to Edo Government House in 2024 is the unmistakable PDP golden boy, Dr Ighodalo, whose antecedents have strongly endeared him to the hearts of the Edo voting public.